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A Reminder To Keep Your Eyes On The Lord

For the mind that feels overwhelmed in a busy world and wants to focus on what matters most, "Crescent" is a wearable reminder that says: look up sweet sister, look up. 

A crescent pendant hovers mid-chest and proves to be a lovely everyday necklace with a much-needed message. Set like a crescent moon, this necklace was created to remind us of this verse: “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” Colossians 3:2

What an amazing verse to meditate on. What is above? Not the moon! If you have been raised with Christ to seek things that are above, we seek heaven and the throne of God. 

I pray you memorize this verse, and put the verse card where you can see it. Think through this passage. What does it mean? Maybe it’s something to study. What does it mean that we are hidden in Christ? These verses are more than temporary encouragement-givers. They are truths meant to draw us into worship.

Allow the Scripture to seep into your soul and allow God to do His work there so that it overflows into your life, your conversation and your actions.

I hope you love this necklace and that it causes you to think about God and set your eyes on things above. I hope it draws you into this chapter of Colossians. Read it! Listen to it! Take it from your neck to your heart, mind and mouth and into transformative power that only the Holy Spirit can give. 

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