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Coffee Date 2/18

Hi friend! How has your week been? We got a few inches of snow on Monday and have been soaking it up as much as possible! Our Tennessee boys don't get to experience sledding very often ;) 

More from the week...

Who's been watching Fixer Upper on the new Magnolia Network? I especially love all the information packed into the follow up blog posts, with sources and more detailed home specs! See episode three's here.

On that note... as much as I didn't want to pay for another show provider, we've really enjoyed all the shows on Magnolia Network, and Discovery+ (which is $4.99/month). Our whole family loves to watch a Planet Earth episode as we marvel at God's creation, much of which goes completely unseen. 

We're working on a large garden plot (about 50x50') with a greenhouse and 20 raised beds. Most vegetables benefit from being trellised and I was thrilled to find this tutorial. We're going to make six of these this year, and then frame them in wood next year if we like the system. And by "we" I mean "Robert" haha. 

This week's read. It's spurred up a lot of conversations in our home about education, and even more prayers for wisdom as we raise our children. What a blessing to have options! 

Our boys' new favorite book. We're such fans of this series and use them as examples when we're talking about bravery, persistence, etc (If you're a white family, I'd also encourage this series as a positive image of a precious Black family. Our society needs to overcome past biases, and this can help!)

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