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Coffee Date 2/25

After a week of snow and ice, we've all enjoyed this week with more structure and predictability. While my oldest does a little Kindergarten work, my middle (4) chooses whether he wants to learn along with us or not, and my youngest (1) destroys the house. It's not as smooth as I'd imagined, but we love growing together and feel so grateful for the opportunity! Ultimately, if we learn to rely on Jesus and love His people well I'm calling it a giant win. 

More from the week...

I'm always asked about this oversized world map. It's from here! It's pricey, but makes a huge statement and is referenced almost daily in our home.)

And here's the rug we used in this space. And the table. And chalkboard!

Speaking of homeschooling, we've turned into the kind of people who have this by the back window to pull out at a moment's notice. I think I'm more interested that anyone, but it really is fascinating what's right outside!

The little seeds I started the other week are already germinating! By the time mid-April rolls around, they'll be big and ready to be planted outdoors. If you'd like to try your hand at starting seeds inside, it really isn't complicated. Get you some seed trays, soil, and a safe place by a window. I borrow clamp lights from my husband's tool bench for a few weeks to help them get extra warmth/light and that's it! Just make sure to check the "sow date" so you don't start them too early. Warm-lovers like zinnias and tomatoes shouldn't be started yet. 

My current read: This book. It got a lot of hype years ago, and I see why. She's a wonderful writer, I've loved following her journey along! It would be a good alternative to an easy fiction read-- perfect for before bed each night. 

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