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Coffee Date 3/4

Hey friend! It's March-- can you believe it? This month always feels like a breath of fresh air as daffodils start popping up and the first official day of Spring is on the calendar. BRING IT ON! (Although I can't complain about the extra snuggles I've been getting during Winter movies one bit.)

Other things...

In the spirit of March and the rain it brings, I just grabbed another pair of these boots for our oldest. I rarely splurge on kids' clothing and shoes (they just get ruined) but these boots hold up so well-- no other pair of shoes has been passed down all the way to my no. 3! These are warn in rain and snow around here and wipe clean with ease. 

I think I've mentioned this book before, but I'm halfway through now and have loved it as I study the book of Proverbs. I can feel my mind and soul shifting as I look at the idea of "wisdom" more in depth-- what a gift! 

Along that topic: Healthy Habits of Wisdom for Busy Moms

We recently played musical furniture in our house and ended up putting this desk (and the side pieces that no longer seem available) in our kitchen. We're going to set up a "computer station" for our boys, but in the meantime it looks cute just sitting there. Sometimes swapping what you have is the best solution!

And what I just finished reading. I can't say that I recommend it (young adult love triangles galore), but this is proof that, on occasion, I grab less than edifying reads, finish them in a weekend, and then wish I had the sequel to begin right away ;) 

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