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Coffee Date 4/15

I'm currently in Atlanta with my friend Crystal, buying lots of clothes for her online women's boutique. She lets me tag along on this work trip every few months and it's the sweetest bit of girl time. Such a gift! (Thank you, Robert, for keeping everyone alive back at home. xx) 

Other things this week...

1. Well, since I mentioned Crystal, I should mention these pants she recently released. I've been living in them and will be able to stretch them way over this baby bump come Summer.  So comfortable!

2. Did anyone else start playing this album on repeat around Easter? It's just hymns and has filled my soul with such joy. Give it a listen!

3. Judges is the second book of the Bible I'm studying this year, and so I turned to one of my favorite resources. I have yet to read a book in this series I didn't love, and this one is proving to be no different. Add it to your cart if you'd like to dig in a little more! 

4. It's almost pool weather (yay!) so I grabbed my first maternity bathing suit. I saw a friend wear it last year and was so happy to still see it in stock. Love it! (I grabbed a large for plenty of room to grow but could wear a size down for non-maternity, too). 

5. With another little one on the way, we'll be playing musical rooms around here and moving our oldest two in together. This is my inspiration picture, though we probably won't start adjusting anyone until later Summer. 

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