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Coffee Date 4/22

With another boy on the way (four!) I keep thinking about how wonderful sons are. For example, my oldest recently picked these daffodils from our yard, placed them in a cup by my mirror, and said "these are beautiful just like you, Mama." It's true-- little boys adore their mothers and I couldn't be more in love with their precious selves.

Other things...

Do you still read blogs? The only one I check consistently anymore is this one. I've been following them for so many years, I'd miss them in my weekly read! 

From a comment on one of their recent posts, I learned that most cities have a place to donate furniture/ home goods to local refugees. (A Google search is a great place to start- just add your city to the end of this search. ) I'm always tempted to make a quick Goodwill drop off, but will try to do this next time! 

Has anyone else discovered these "Conversations with my period" on Instagram? They get funnier each time I watch them haha. It's just so real

This recommendation comes at the hand of my husband, who can't stop chatting about this alarm clock. It gets brighter as it gets closer to your set wakeup time and has bird chirps as the alarm noise. You may love it, too! 

I officially thew away all the kid water bottles that have rubber straws (they just get chewed on) and replaced them with these for our littlest guys. Inexpensive, effective. Done. 

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