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Coffee Date 6/25

We're in the thick of Summer, and soaking up every bit of it. Playing in the creek & pool, lightening bugs, late night movies, and fun with friends. I know a lot will change in the Fall when baby no.4 comes so I'm trying to be present and available as much as possible.  

Other things...

Here's the rug we ended up putting in our oldest boys' room. I love how it looks, and the price was right. (Here are all the links for their room if you're interested-- under bedrooms!)

Three kids in and I've learned the beauty in reusable swim diapers. They hold better than disposable ones, are more cost effective, and are cute! We love these

After trying and not actually wearing so many adorable sun protectant hats, I realized the problem was that my hair was always up and couldn't be put under a hat. This one is admittedly less cute, but easy to slip on every time I'm outside. I wear it daily!

Here's my kitchen cleaning tip: Buy a pack of these once a year. Use them, bleach them clean each week, repeat. They're pretty absorbent and don't look horrible hanging off your dishwasher handle. Next year, replace with a new pack! (They also are great fillers for gift baskets.)

We're heading to the beach soon and I think I'm going to grab this to read. I'm a fan of anything Kristin Hannah writes and I've heard only great things about this one. 


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