Dear Mushka,

  • Dear Mushka: A Breakfast Smoothie
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Dear Mushka: A Breakfast Smoothie

Dear Mushka: A Breakfast Smoothie

dear mushka, 

it's been a while since i've publicly written a letter to you. of course, i've typed up about a zillion drafts as a "welcome back" sort of post, but none of them are right & the thing is: right now i just want to tell you about my current breakfast obsession. 

so here goes!

·8 oz cold brew coffee (i use stok because why would i make my own when i can just by it? this is my life's cooking motto)

·8 oz almond milk 

·1 banana 

·1 heaping scoop peanut butter 

·half a scoop of protein powder (because a full scoop will leave an awful aftertaste in your mouth as all protein powders do. i use this one

· handful of spinach if you have it on hand

·cup-ish of ice cubes 

blend all together, put in a giant mason jar, and drink with a straw!

the beauty of this drink is that it only takes one minute to throw together & wards off hunger until lunch time. i am so bad at self care but anyway, breakfast... check!  


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