Dear Mushka,

  • Dear Mushka: A Flashback
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Dear Mushka: A Flashback

Dear Mushka: A Flashback
Before Dear Mushka was a business, it was a blog. I stumbled across some old posts the other day and thought I'd share one here, in hopes of encouraging anyone who feels called to adopt but doesn't have her spouse on board, too. This was written almost four months to the day our first son was born and adopted. 


tuesday 4.22.14

dear mushka, 
a year and a half ago i felt a deep deep calling to adopt you. it was completely out of the blue and not something i'd ever considered before but as soon as the idea was in my head i knew. i just knew. i fully expected r to experience the same confidence and excitement, too, but much to my dismay he didn't... not even a little bit. and i was heartbroken in a way i'd never experienced before, a way i can only explain as my mama heart being pricked for the first real time. 
we spent the next year talking about adoption off and on but ultimately, i quit bringing it up in exchange for simply sitting at god's feet every few days with my questions. did i mistake the calling? should i pursue the issue further? should we try for biological children first? i really wasn't sure what to do next, but i knew adoption was not a one woman show and for anything to happen, r would have to jump on board too. 

the issue hadn't been brought up in a quite a few months, but god was working on robert's heart regardless, and as we were walking our well-worn neighborhood sidewalks today robert said the words that have already changed my life. 

baby, i think we should adopt. 

he said it casually, but i could tell the issue had been stirring long before he spoke and i don't even know what to say right now, really, except who is this god who answers prayer upon prayer upon prayer? and why is he calling us to such a beautiful picture of his gospel?

baby, we're coming for you.
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