Dear Mushka,

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Dear Mushka: April Goals

Dear Mushka: April Goals

dear mushka, 

at the start of this year i had big plans to make monthly goals, of course. and blog about them! and be queen of the world! but alas, we brought home a newborn and life changed and i just couldn't manage it. 

imagine that.

but look at us, said newborn is now 2 months old (whoa) and the lord has so sweetly reminded me that there is a season for everything. this last season was for sitting on the couch, staring at a baby's smooshy adorable face, and this next one is for... getting up off the couch. 

and so. goals!

1. exercise 3x a week. for a while there i was in this great routine of working out at the y but i just don't have time for an hour class + drive time anymore. however! there is a stack of workout dvds being hoarded in a drawer around here somewhere and i do own running shoes so surely we can make this happen, yes? 

2. refuse to buy myself clothing for a whole month. because how am i supposed to learn what i do and do not actually wear if i continue to add to the chaos? and also, impulse target purchases are dangerous and not of the spirit. so no more!

(of note: i've never done this before and am nervous! like, should i run out to target right now real quick? just kidding...ish) 

3. finish this book and this book and one more that isn't coming to mind at the moment. gosh, i just know my teenage self is rolling her eyes big time at the fact that i now read multiple books at once. but look, non fiction books only hold my attention for so long and i need diversity. but also, these have been sitting on my shelf long enough and it's time to finish them already. i have a list of approximately one million zillion books waiting their turn to be read. onward!

4. have an extended quiet time. a wise, wise woman once encouraged me to spend a 3+ hour chunk of time with the lord every quarter, praying and studying and quieting my heart and mind enough to just listen to him. i haven't prioritized it this year and am starting to feel the repercussions. mmmh, i'm already excited. 

...i was going to write out five goals, but it seems four is sufficient for now. let's set the bar low shall we? 


5. come back and blog about how great a success these goals were. check, Check, CHECK!


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