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Gift Ideas for Birth Mothers & Children

We're busy picking gifts for the expectant mother who has chosen us and her two little girls. I thought it might be helpful to share some items we chose! 

For both parties, we put together a gift basket because hello, who doesn't like a gift basket? 

For her: 

The Together Necklace. I know this is our product and I could be biased, but I truly can't imagine anything better than this. The triangle's sides represent the three parties that make up an adoption (the birth family, the adoptive family, and the adopted child) and the heart represents the love between them all.

I imagine every birth mother wants her child to know how much he or she was loved, and this necklace says that you see that, too. You won't forget her no matter the relationship you have moving forward! 

We're getting one for her, one for her mother (the grandmother of this child), and one for me so that we can all match. I think she'll love it! 

*It comes in gold or silver and with two different verse options- one for the adoptive mother and one for the birth mother. You can also add a stamped initial if you'd like!

Other jewelry options would be a birthstone piece here or a Called stamped initial necklace here. 

A gift certificate for a massage and/or pedicure. She's put her body through so much and could benefit from a little pampering! We googled to find locations in her city. 

Another option along these lines would be to purchase at home spa items- lotion, a face mask, foot scrub, nail polish, lip gloss, etc. 

A photo album. I know these are slightly outdated, but she may love having tangible pictures so close by and the promise that more will come through the years. Another option is a printed book like a Chatbook

Gift cards to local restaurants, grocery stores, etc. So many birthmothers are working hard to thrive and/or have children they are still parenting at home. Local food options or even toy store dollars help her love her people and herself well. 

Come alongside as best you can to support and care! 

For her children:

If she has children she's parenting, you may want to gift them a little something, too. I think our expectant mother will appreciate these gifts the most, the same way that I'm so thrilled when someone loves on my boys. 

Activities to do while she recovers. We got this and this and this and I think they'll be a hit for everyone and will provide sweet entertainment when she just needs to sit and rest. (I need to get the same for myself!)

Books that feature different races if applicable. Many expectant mothers want to know that you'll honor your non-Caucasian child's heritage. We purchased this one and this one (which has lots of great additional options) for her girls as an example of what we have at home. 

Something from your children to hers. Our boys picked out some candy (duh) and a random but perfect item from the dollar section at Target. They're also going to draw a little note to tuck inside the basket. 

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