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GOALS: My Lifetime Goals

GOALS: My Lifetime Goals

In this post I told you why I think making lifetime goals is important. And as promised, here are ten of mine. Though they were written years ago, when I was fresh out of college + newly married, they have been tweaked a little as the years progress. And actually, I just added the tenth one this year as I realized a chunk of my heart wasn't represented. There's freedom here, y'all. But as we debated transitioning Dear Mushka from blog to business (and then as we transitioned from generic jewelry to Christian jewelry) I remember pulling these out and praying over how this little business might stay in line with these big goals. Overall, they have been a constant guide to my life as I decide how to spend my time, money, energy and I'm ever thankful for how they keep me Christ-focused in a world that yearns to distract.

You'll see they are broken down into a what (the goal) a why (the verses I pulled direction from-- no willy nilly goals here) and a how (some general examples are listed below but this usually translates into my smaller, monthly goals).

They are also broken down into goals focused on God (1-3), Community (4-7) and Mission (8-10). This is a great place to start as you think about your own. 

Two notes: 

These are my lifetime goals. If you sit down to write your own, please ask the Spirit to fill you with direction and clarity. Maybe traveling the world to experience God's creation is a goal! Or doing overseas mission work! Or consistently giving most of your money away! Etc, etc, etc. We are all made uniquely, with hearts that get excited about different things, and that's a good thing. One body, many parts.

And of course, big goals mean we can only get there as we become sanctified and more like Christ. Do not read this list and imagine I am far more holy than you ;) Many of the items listed below are not things I practice regularly; there is much work to be done on this heart, I assure you! But, alas, this is why they are goals and not a completed tasks list. Keep that in mind as you write your own, too. Big dreams with smaller and more attainable monthly goals to help get you there. 



W H A T Love the Lord with all my heart, soul, and mind and live each day like I am a daughter of the High King, indwelt with the Holy Spirit

W H Y Matthew 22:37-38 · Galatians 2:20 · Psalm 16:11 · 1 Peter 2:9 · 1 Corinthians 3:16

H O W Spend regular time with the Lord, study the attributes of God, make prayer a constant habit, daily sacrifice my agenda to the Holy Spirits's guidance


W H A T Know God's words so thoroughly that they overflow from my heart and into my speech and actions on a daily basis.

W H Y Psalm 1:1-3 · Deuteronomy 8:3 · Proverbs 30:5 · Psalm 119:15-16 · Colossians 3:16

H O W Memorize scripture consistently and effectively, put scripture art around our home, practice using it in conversation



W H A T Be a woman of bold prayer, praying without ceasing & interceding for others. 

W H Y 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 · James 5:16 · 1 John 5:14-15

H O W Find a good prayer journaling system that works for me, pray as soon as someone brings up a request, pray aloud in the moment, end the evening in prayer with Robert



W H A T Keep a marriage that beautifully displays the Gospel, submitting to, respecting, and loving Robert fiercely 

W H Y  Ephesians 5:22-23 · Proverbs 31:10-12 · 1 Peter 3:4 · Malachi 2:15 · Genesis 2:24

H O W Read marriage books, surround myself with women who are quick to praise their spouses, schedule date nights, attend counseling when needed



W H A T Joyfully train up three+ children in the ways of the Lord and allow them to soar for His kingdom

W H Y Deuteronomy 6:7 · Proverbs 22:6 · Psalm 78:3-7 · Psalm 127:4

H O W Pray together often, use the Bible to direct proper instruction and discipline, disciple with age-appropriate measures, let them see me spend time with God



W H A T Craft our home into a grace-filled space, absent of the harshness of this world, and safe for people to enter into, make mistakes in, and grow from; open it's doors to others often. 

W H Y Philippians 4:8 · Proverbs 14:1 · Deuteronomy 7:26 · 1 Peter 4:9

H O W Avoid unedifying entertainment on our tv, keep the decor welcoming and cozy, clean/organize regularly, invite neighbors and friends over



W H A T Be a habitual lover of my neighbors, carefully shepherding those whom God has put under my care with my time, money, and energy. 

W H Y Matthew 22:39-40 · Proverbs 31:26 · Titus 2:3-5 · Proverbs 31:27 · Matthew 6:21

H O W Look for daily opportunities to love and serve others, pray over where our money goes, leave margin in my schedule, disciple girls



W H A T Conduct myself wisely towards outsiders, keeping my eyes focused on eternity and my purpose here on earth.

W H Y Matthew 28:19-20 · Colossians 4:5-6 · Philippians 2:3

H O W Pray for boldness, surround myself with people who are heaven-minded, consider others' salvation more important than my appearance or comfort



W H A T Advance the Lord's Kingdom though prayed over writing and other skills given by the Holy Spirit

W H Y 1 Corinthians 12:4-7 · John 17:18-21

H O W Intentional blogging, praying over every Instagram post, keeping Dear Mushka's focus centered on Christ and not myself



W H A T Be a voice for the voiceless, a mother to the motherless, a fighter for justice, and a woman who longs to have her heart broken by what breaks God's; do not just speak words... take action!

W H Y James 1:27 · Psalm 82:3 · James 2:14

H O W Adoption/ foster care, read books about people different from me, pray for eyes that see need, keep my head out of the "safe sand" and confront the conflict


And there you have it! E-mail with questions, I'm happy to talk this out with you. Warmly, Katie

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