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Introducing Our New Spring Line🌸

Our new line has just launched and I’m so excited to share our new pieces with you! You can find each piece linked below, feel free to send me a DM if you have any questions or are looking for something special for this Spring. 

The Gospel Necklace

Gospel Necklace Dear Mushka

A v-shaped necklace that is all 14 carat gold filled so if you treat it well it will last you a lifetime.

It’s paired with a verse from Isaiah 52:7

"How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news."

This design came as I was praying for my brother who does missionary work in the country and internationally. I was walking around the office praying for him and looked down to notice my feet were positioned like a V, immediately thinking of this verse.

It got me thinking about all of us, living our daily lives. Career missionary or not, we’re all called to share the gospel with others!

This piece is perfect for a missionary in your life and for each one of us to remember every day.

I had the privilege of hearing John Piper speak on Matthew 24:14 about how Jesus will not come until the gospel has been preached to all nations and all people groups. Hearing this really put fire into how often I began to pray for the missionaries in my life and my own missionary work as well.

The Keeper Necklace

This piece reflects Psalm 56:8. It reminds us that Gods keeps count of our tossings, wanderings, sufferings. He keeps our tears in his bottle.

The necklace has a teardrop pendant and is available with extra teardrops if needed. The biggest tear I’ve ever had in my life was my moms death in 2010. I know loss and pain and that some of you have walked years and years of tears.

This necklace provides comfort in God for miscarriages, loss of family members, chronic health issues, severe anxiety and any pain you are going through.

The Steward Cuff

The Steward Cuff is for all your Enneagram lovers out there! The Enneagram is a personality assessment that has been a huge blessing in my life and our marriage. This bracelet is for you if you know and love the Enneagram - I’m a 9w1 and you're interested in finding out more information check out The Enneagram Institute.

This bracelet is solid brass and you’re able to adjust it to get a good fit. It’s also fully customizable and we’ll stamp your number or initial onto the cuff. There is also an option to leave it unstamped if you love the bracelet but don’t care about your enneagram number!

I know we are all completely unique so instead of doing individual verse cards for each number, I stuck with 1 Peter 4:10.

This cuff serves as a reminder that we should all use our gifting to serve God. No matter what your “type” is or which personality God has given you, we are all called to use our gifting to serve him. We are all image bearers and Kingdom cultivators.

The Citizen Tee

This tee is a mirror image of the word “citizen”. It reads backwards to everyone but when you look in the mirror you see it correctly to remind you that you are a citizen of Heaven.

This message really resonated with so many of you in our Fall sweatshirt and so we’ve decided to offer it in a Spring version🎉

It comes in the sweetest soft rosy pink color and is soft, comfy and just fits so well! I also love how long it is - perfect for yoga pants or a loose front tuck.

The Companion Bracelets

These friendship bracelets come in a pack of two paired with two verse cards from Ecclesiastes 4:9-10. They are stretchy with beads and are something a little different for Dear Mushka😍

The happy pops of color with a slight shimmer to the beads feel so much like Spring! They are the perfect friendship bracelets.

The Enduring Necklace

I’m so excited about this piece because when I asked for verse suggestions, this one came up a ton. For those of you walking through long seasons of chronic illness, anxiety and depression or mamas with children with special needs. It's the necklace we need when we are walking through hard seasons of life, a reminder to not lose heart.

It comes paired with 2 Corinthians 4:16-17 and the pendant creates the imagery of the outer self wasting away while the inner self (the shining bead) is being renewed.

I really wanted this to represent the times when our external is failing, our inner connection to the Lord is shining through as we walk towards eternity.

The Deep Necklace

The Deep Necklace is a new product inspiration for Dear Mushka and it came to me a few months ago when I was writing a blog post about quotes (not Bible verses) that help keep my heart focused on God.

One of the ones I thought about was the lyrics from How Deep the Father’s Love for Us❤️

God gave it to me when I was just a little girl and I hum it to myself all the time. I often need the reminder that I am wretched, but God’s love for me is deeper, still.

So, we’re introducing our first hymn piece this Spring! Obviously hymns are not scripture but God absolutely uses hymns to stir our affections for Him and keep us worshiping all day long.

I use pyrite stones in this necklace to symbolize the deep color. I feel like the color black is also such a symbolic meaning for a wretched state. The necklace hangs deep and vast to represent that first part of the hymn.

It comes paired with a card featuring the first four lines of this hymn🎶

The Solo Deo Gloria Tee

You have all been asking for a script font for our tees so here it is! Written in Latin meaning “Glory to God alone”, This tee is a continuation from our hymn pieces that have launched this season and reflect how deep the Father’s love for us all is.

It’s from the part of the song that says "I will not boast in anything, no gifts, no power, no wisdom, but I will boast in Jesus Christ, his death and resurrection."

This is also our first women’s cut tee; it drapes so well! 

It’s true to size, not extra small at all. I usually wear a medium in tees but I can also wear a small in this one (I'm 5’4” and around 130 lbs).

It’s got a wide neckline so ladies who want to wear it off the shoulder totally can. It’s a soft, everyday tee and pairs perfectly under a cardigan, with jean shorts and sandals. Whatever you prefer!🙌

The Priority Ring

These rings come paired with Matthew 6:33

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well

My thought for this piece is that we’re all on our phones or reaching for our to-do lists, tempted to go to Instagram and are hands are always searching for these distractions.

I really wanted to create something for our hands, our fingers, that we would see when turning to something other than God. There’s nothing wrong with social media or getting things done but I just wanted these rings to serve as a reminder or a check.

The Priority rings are simple, dainty and perfect for stacking! We have sizes 4 - 9 for now and they come in rose gold, sterling silver or gold.

I’m so excited for our new Spring line and to be able to offer these special pieces to you to serve as reminders of the Lord. Happy Spring!💐

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