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  • PROMISE: JAMES 4:10 · No 10
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PROMISE: JAMES 4:10 · No 10

PROMISE: JAMES 4:10 · No 10
This year we're memorizing one promise from scripture a week. If you want to follow along with our verse cards you can find them HERE. We're also placing importance upon context and studying each verse as we go. We want to honor the original language, meaning, etc as we read so that we can accurately learn and avoid placing our own opinions upon God's words. I'm so happy you're here!


James spends this chapter warning the church about worldly living when you have a holy calling – the calling all who have trusted in Jesus have! He gives a healthy rebuke to the believers for their self-focused ways that have led them into all kinds of trouble. James is calling the believers to repentance – to confess an acknowledgement of their wrongs and ask God for forgiveness and more of His righteousness.  

Come to God and ask for humility, and He will give it. Come to Him in humility, and He will make you righteous – good, holy, restored.  He will bring you right up near His right hand – where Jesus is seated.  You get to draw near to the highest of high thrones, because of what He does for and in you! What a promise.

Exalt: The meaning of the word is to “to make noble in character or to be held in high honor”.  God promises He will exalt us if we come to Him in humility. You guys, I assure you – there is no better deal out there. Humble coming in exchange for heart transforming. True repentance in exchange for real healing. Honest evaluation in exchange for holy opportunity.

In the following chapter, James goes on to write that the “prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” (5:16). He writes this after again, calling the church to repentance. Why are repentance and righteousness so intricately connected?

It’s because people who have been made right with God in Jesus got there because they repented. People who continue to draw near to God repent and repent often. Righteousness, exaltation – its all dependent on repentance, and repentance requires humility, - an admission that we have been wrong about much and God was right all along. 

The prayers of a humble, made righteous person are heard by God (Luke 18:9-14), while God opposes the proud (Proverbs 29:23).  We need to seek God-dependence and flee self-reliance.

It isn’t the prideful, self-promoting, self-reliant people who God says He exalts. It is those that recognize how little they have to offer and how much God has to give.

Do you see it? The difference in this kind of Kingdom-life than that which our world entices? When we who have been redeemed by Jesus get to our Heaven-home, the last will be first – the least will be the greatest.

Dream with me! How different our workplaces, schools, cities, churches and families would be if they were founded upon humility as the route to legacy – humility as the heart towards change – humility as the hope for growth - humility as the way of exaltation.

There’s great hope here! We can rest assured that if we will only lay our hearts and minds out to God in humble repentance, He will hear our prayers and invite us near to Him again and again, exalting us so high we can hear our Abba clearer than ever before.  

Draw near to God today, friend, and He WILL draw near to you. (James 4:8)



This post was written by Courtney McLean- a 23 year old introverted, but social (I KNOW RIGHT?!) marketing gal, married to a handsome finance-guru in Wisconsin. She fell in love with Jesus at age 19 and has been learning to hope in Him ever since! You can read more about her at her blog here!  Her vision for life is to leave people feeling loved by God. She hopes the words shared here on Dear Mushka leave you loved!
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