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  • PROMISE: PSALM 32:8 · No 11
  • Katie Lewis

PROMISE: PSALM 32:8 · No 11

PROMISE: PSALM 32:8 · No 11
This year we're memorizing one promise from scripture a week. If you want to follow along with our verse cards you can find them HERE. We're also placing importance upon context and studying each verse as we go. We want to honor the original language, meaning, etc as we read so that we can accurately learn and avoid placing our own opinions upon God's words. I'm so happy you're here!


Have you ever really wanted someone to mentor you? Have you ever just really hoped to have someone in your corner, cheering you on and giving advice? I sure have! The people God has placed in my life as mentors have helped me grow in some significant ways.

And yet there’s this tension that can arise within even the most “hungry for a mentor” of people. It’s the “mentor me, but don’t challenge me to live differently” paradox. It’s the “help me, but only in the areas I tell you about” disposition. Its hiding - it cheapens grace and limits our healing.

David starts out this Psalm singing of the happiness that comes to those who are forgiven. We can read this and skim by in “I’ve heard that before” ignorance, but we’ve got to remember what is true of forgiven people.

Forgiven people have come out of hiding. They’ve said goodbye to rehearsed confessions and said YES to true and honest admitting. They’ve kicked shame and fear in the face and asked the Spirit to create in them an open heart – a heart that believes telling others about the good AND the hard in their lives is worth any moments of uncomfortable-ness, in exchange for growth in godliness.

Forgiven people invite others to speak into their lives - they ask for wise counsel and godly instruction, because they’re deeply aware of their inability to walk well with Jesus on their own. Humility, forgiveness, vulnerability – it’s all a part of our dance with Jesus, and without one of these, we don’t experience the full abundance He has for us- the “blessedness” that David sings of in this chapter.

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.”

As David sings of his desire to counsel others in this verse, it’s as if he’s saying: “Look, I’ve tried to ignore the call to live a holy life and it didn’t work out well for me. I’ve learned to be honest with God and others about my sin, and I want to help you do so, too! It's refreshed me, and I want that same restoration for you.”

Don’t you crave it? Someone older and wiser, who has had more time to sin and be forgiven for it and healed from it – someone like David to speak into your life? To ask you the tough questions, loving you enough to push past discomfort so you can move forward in grace-driven holiness?

 Lord, reveal to us if we’re living in any sort of hiding. Help us to value growing in Your likeness enough that we are willing to talk with others about our sin. Make us into people who are teachable in even the tough areas, because we know it’s for our good and Your glory that we grow with others in them. Help us to acknowledge that to be fully loved by others is to be first fully known.


This post was written by Courtney McLean- a 23 year old introverted, but social (I KNOW RIGHT?!) marketing gal, married to a handsome finance-guru in Wisconsin. She fell in love with Jesus at age 19 and has been learning to hope in Him ever since! You can read more about her at her blog here!  Her vision for life is to leave people feeling loved by God. She hopes the words shared here on Dear Mushka leave you loved!
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