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  • PROMISE: PSALM 84:11 · No 14
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PROMISE: PSALM 84:11 · No 14

PROMISE: PSALM 84:11 · No 14
This year we're memorizing one promise from scripture a week. If you want to follow along with our verse cards you can find them HERE. We're also placing importance upon context and studying each verse as we go. We want to honor the original language, meaning, etc as we read so that we can accurately learn and avoid placing our own opinions upon God's words. I'm so happy you're here!


Where would be without Google Maps?

I know, funny way to start a devotional – but stick with me here. I use Google Maps for any trip I need directions for! I just type in the address and proceed with no need to think about the journey ahead. Google Maps protects me from taking a wrong turn.   

Life is full of searching for paths and trying to stay on the right ones. Guidance, wisdom, direction – its not just needed for highway exits.

In this Psalm, David sings of the Lord being a “sun”. Like the sun, He influences all the earth’s movements (Psalm 74:16).  He searches and illuminates every place like the sun does (Psalm 19:6 / Romans 8:27), and He is the truest, most reliant form of Light there is. 

When this Psalm was written, pre-electricity times, the sun was of even greater importance than today. Days began when the sun rose, crops grew when its rays shined, and people worked until the sun set. The sun determined the course of the day! We’ve lost this kind of dependency with electricity, but there’s a great parallel here.

“The Lord God is a sun”: He is our light, provision, navigation and constant. When we don’t see Him, He’s there. When we are tempted by darkness, He’s our way out. When we’re in need of guidance, He is the best GPS there is.

David also sings of God being a shield – a Giver of favor and honor – a Gifter of good things to those who follow His commands.

Pathway, protection, and provision – all wrapped up in our able Father’s hands. But the question remains: do we believe it?

How often do we sit in the driver’s seat of our life and ask God for directions to where we want to end up? That may sound like a fine place to sit at first, but with deeper evaluation we would do well to notice the problem: control.

If we’re driving the decisions, and just asking God for his two cents here and there – we’re not living a fully surrendered life – it’s not walking uprightly to take hold of the reins and just invite God to ride along.  

At the root of our control is unbelief – the lie that we’d be better off setting our own course.

How can we forego His ever-present presence, when people like David longed to just get a bit nearer to Him? Back then, without the presence of the Holy Sprit, people traveled many miles to be near to God.  This Psalm is celebrating the joy found in the journey to enter the temple - where His presence dwelt. But now, we get all of God anytime and anywhere, as He’s made His home in our hearts. Instant access to a sure path – driven and directed by Him. Undeserved grace.

God we need your Light. We crave your protection. Make us into people who live more wholly dependent on all that You are – more keenly aware of how little we know the Way without You.


This post was written by Courtney McLean- a 23 year old introverted, but social (I KNOW RIGHT?!) marketing gal, married to a handsome finance-guru in Wisconsin. She fell in love with Jesus at age 19 and has been learning to hope in Him ever since! You can learn more about her through her many photos and words on Instagram, here! Her vision for life is to leave people feeling loved by God. She hopes the words shared here on Dear Mushka leave you loved!
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