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Have you all heard of ThredUP? I'm a thrift store lover, but I admit- sometimes it can be overwhelming and tiring trying to find a good piece of clothing amidst the unorganized chaos in a local thrift store. So ThredUP created an online thrift store, packed full of on-trend, recognizable brand's clothing to make shopping second hand easier and more affordable. 

I'm not very good at online clothes shopping (I need to try everything on) and jumping on bandwagons like ThredUP makes me a little nervous, but I ordered a few pieces and thought I'd give a review here. Do you all enjoy posts like this? They're so helpful for me!


The positives of ThredUP:

·Recognizable brand names means I generally know which sizes to look for and how they'll fit me

·Easy search tools means I can narrow down my selection as precisely as I want (Madewell dress, chambray, size 4) 

·A 14 day return policy means I can try on the clothes at home and ship them back if they don't work for me

· Shopping second hand means I'm getting good items for a lower price AND am not directly supporting unethical clothing factories across the world

A few weeks ago I ordered six items. Want to see?

(P.S. There's a reason I'm not a fashion blogger)

1. Loft Cardigan ($16). I was recently tempted by a very similar one in the store for $60 and was so happy to find this option. 

The verdict: Keep! It was flattering, looked brand new, and can be used in all seasons (it looks particularly cute over a long-sleeved button down).

2. Lani California Maxi Dress ($11). I've been searching for a good maxi dress with sleeves and found this one on their site. I'd never heard of the brand, but it looked promising so I gave it a go. 

The Verdict: Ultimately, it was a little too long and I don't love how dresses look when they need a tank underneath. It went back. But! I've already found another on their site that I plan on ordering asap. I really love how easy it is to search for just what you're looking for. 

3. Lou and Grey sweatshirt ($18). Lou and Grey pieces are so comfy and practical for my lifestyle (stay at home working mama), but I usually can't stomach the prices. Shopping them on ThredUP was a no brainer. 

The Verdict: Keep! This sweatshirt is comfortable with some added style and has already been worn multiple times

4. Lou and Grey Sweatshirt Top ($24)

The Verdict: I was so excited to try this on (in fact, it was the piece I was most sure about when I ordered) but ultimately, it fit a little too snug through the arms and went back. Bummer!

5. Pure and Good Peplum Tee ($16). Another brand I didn't know, pulled up from a search for "gray peplum shirt."

The Verdict: Keep! It's so soft and I love the length. I tend to buy shirts that hit me mid-thigh, but this was flattering and a good reminder to dress my body. I think this will get a lot of wear, and I was grateful for the opportunity to shop something I wouldn't normally gravitate towards. 

6. Loft cardigan, new with tags, ($19). Clearly, I shopped a trusted brand for this first attempt and looked for missing pieces from my current wardrobe. 

The Verdict: Keep! I've been looking for just the right cardigan (not too long/short, pretty lightweight, a lovely neutral color) and finally found it in this one. Yay!

And Ultimately? 

I'm a fan, for sure. 4/6 pieces were great additions to my closet, they cost less than I would have gotten them for in the store, I didn't have to leave my house, and returning the two that didn't work was easy and free. 

I do think a site like ThredUP is one you may have to glance at every few days, knowing that their inventory is always changing and being snagged up quickly. But I'm excited to try out some new brands (you can even search something like "Anthropologie") and also enjoy their kid's section-- why are little people's shoes so pricey?!

If you want to try ThredUP, too, my referral link will take $10 off your first order (which will get you many things for free!) and I get $10 too. Win, win :) 

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