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The Ignite Candles

To add a little gentle light to your homes, we’ve created the Ignite Scented Candles. I wish I could have you smell these candles in person. I know it’s hard to buy a candle online, but you have my promise that these candles smell amazing. 

We worked with a number of companies over time to find the right fit, and finally found Diana from Terra Simply in St. Louis, Missouri. She was able to make my vision come to life and has created these incredible scents with essential oils. The candles are lead free, phthalate free and have a cotton wick. You can be totally at ease burning these in your home. And they‘re adorable, too! 

Grapefruit and Mint Ignite Candle

I usually head for a fruit scented candle first - my favorite! The Grapefruit and Mint smells similar to the Anthropologie Volcano candle. I like to leave the lid off and enjoy the scent as I walk by it.

Sea Salt and Orchid Ignite Candle

I was unsure how this would smell, but Y’ALL! It smells like the perfect blend of spring and summer. It’s beachy and floral without either being overwhelming. This warm and dreamy scent is like vanilla, a little coconut, ocean and shea butter all wrapped up. It’s cozy with a pop of floral. Truly summer in a candle! 

Cotton and Lavender

A scent you all know! Light one of these up for that fresh laundry smell. The lavender is subtle in this candle with the cotton smell more apparent.

I promise you’ll love these candles! With a burn time of about 50 hours, they’ll add scent to a whole room.

The Ignite Candles come paired with Psalm 119:105, “ Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” I’m praying this over you all as you light up the little wick, as you read the Word on a dreamy morning, or set it out as you’re living real life with people all around you! God and His Word is worthy of our attention, time and top priority.

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