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Dear Mushka started as blog back in 2010, when I began to write letters to my future “mushkas” in memory of my Mother- the one who called me mushka. It turned into a tangible love letter shop a few years later when we set out to adopt our first child and needed extra funds. Since then, we’ve brought three boys into our family through this business (plus one son biologically) and donated to many more adoptions through your purchases. Mushka is a term of endearment meaning “little one with big eyes” and I certainly feel exactly like that as I watch God unfold His story & plan here.

Now, we’re a husband and wife team on a mission to help store God’s truths deep in your heart & equip you to share them with those in need.  Each Dear Mushka piece is reflective of scripture and comes paired with a corresponding verse card. Put it by your bathroom mirror, kitchen sink, or computer; let the words sink deep into your heart, and then pass them on as others inquire about your jewelry. Humbly, be a little one with big eyes for God’s redemptive story!

Though we started with jewelry, we additionally have art prints, apparel, scripture packs, etc-- all meant to comfort hearts & share truth in a way that feels authentic, doable, and beautiful. 

Bonus: All jewelry comes packaged in a box ready for gift giving because we know how well you want to love your people. (I’m inspired by you, daily!)

Thank you for being here, truly. It’s an honor to walk this side of eternity with you.

With love, 

Katie & The Dear Mushka team