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Dear Mushka,

Coffee Date 5/10

We're getting settled into Summer with lightening bugs and later mornings. What a gift to be together and praise God for the gifts He's given us! 

Other things...

1. I picked up this book and am absolutely loving it! Such wisdom and truth to ground our minds. Highly recommend!

2. I choose these beds (in twin size, color grey) for two of our boys as we make room for no.4. I especially love the size, the ability to use a trundle bed if necessary, and room for drawers or baskets.

3. The protein powder we buy over and over again. Each morning, I make a smoothie for my kids and let them drink it immediately or sip it all day long. It's been the best way to fill their bellies and pack in all sorts of goodies (like rices frozen cauliflower, chia seeds, etc)

4. Additionally, we use these straws to help them get every last drop. I love the bend in the straw (to help avoid spills) and the extra wide opening. I also let each child have their own straw-- with pink for me! 

5. Lastly, this dew skin feels like a dream in the Spring/Summer. I love the SPF and how it adds a subtle even tone to my skin without feeling too heavy. 

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Coffee Date 5/27/21

We went strawberry picking the other day and had so much fun! I wasn't sure how kid-friendly the U-Pick experience would be for little ones (ages 6,4,2), but they got the hang of it right away and did great not smashing all the berries or putting them in their mouths right away. I'm tempted to go again before the season ends! 

(Locals, we went to Delvin Farms in Middle Tennessee, but a quick Google search will pull up any locations in your area.)

Other things...

1. I grabbed this butterfly kit as a little "science experiment" for my boys. It comes with everything you need to watch caterpillars turn into Painted Lady Butterflies and we've loved it. Ours are about to come out of their chrysalides and we're all stealing peeks during the day. (Note: It's a little pricey for what it is in my opinion, but you can re-order just the caterpillars for a few dollars so I figure we'll get good use out of it over the years?)

2. This is an oddly specific thing to mention, but our kids have the hardest time getting all the soap out of a traditional washcloth so I switched to this silicone mitt and it's made all the difference. They each have one that hangs on a command hook and know exactly how to use it to clean themselves now! 

3. A seriously high-rated game for rainy Summer days with little ones. They have lots of versions, so choose the one that best fits your kids' ages! 

4. I've been turning on God's word first thing each morning and listening to a reading plan as I get ready, make breakfast, tend the garden, and even fall asleep each night. I avoided this app for a while (because it's $27/year) but haven't regretted it for a moment. I love the Bible version and voice options, as well as all the plans they have available. It's a great way to fill your mind with God's word! 

5. Lastly, I heard this song for the first time in church a few weeks ago and still find myself turning it on almost daily. It's particularly beautiful for this time of year with everything blooming! 

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Coffee Date 4/29

This was a busy week in our house! My main man had a birthday on Monday so we celebrated him big time & we have a DM photo shoot tomorrow, which means lots of prep work. I'm so grateful for both!

Other things...

I had the privilege of reading this ahead of time and writing an endorsement-- and of course I jumped at the chance. I'm such a fan of these books and the author of this one in particular. We loved it! Here's their site if you want to see all that they offer. 

Scriptures to face Mother's Day when it's hard for you. A wonderful resource! 

On our kids' shelf this month as we learn together. We love this series, too! 

Okay, and I added this one to their May shelf, also. So cute. 

An adorable square frame for cropping your 8x10 art prints into. I love the way it changes the look and adds to a gallery wall. 

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Coffee Date 4/22

With another boy on the way (four!) I keep thinking about how wonderful sons are. For example, my oldest recently picked these daffodils from our yard, placed them in a cup by my mirror, and said "these are beautiful just like you, Mama." It's true-- little boys adore their mothers and I couldn't be more in love with their precious selves.

Other things...

Do you still read blogs? The only one I check consistently anymore is this one. I've been following them for so many years, I'd miss them in my weekly read! 

From a comment on one of their recent posts, I learned that most cities have a place to donate furniture/ home goods to local refugees. (A Google search is a great place to start- just add your city to the end of this search. ) I'm always tempted to make a quick Goodwill drop off, but will try to do this next time! 

Has anyone else discovered these "Conversations with my period" on Instagram? They get funnier each time I watch them haha. It's just so real

This recommendation comes at the hand of my husband, who can't stop chatting about this alarm clock. It gets brighter as it gets closer to your set wakeup time and has bird chirps as the alarm noise. You may love it, too! 

I officially thew away all the kid water bottles that have rubber straws (they just get chewed on) and replaced them with these for our littlest guys. Inexpensive, effective. Done. 

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Coffee Date 4/15

I'm currently in Atlanta with my friend Crystal, buying lots of clothes for her online women's boutique. She lets me tag along on this work trip every few months and it's the sweetest bit of girl time. Such a gift! (Thank you, Robert, for keeping everyone alive back at home. xx) 

Other things this week...

1. Well, since I mentioned Crystal, I should mention these pants she recently released. I've been living in them and will be able to stretch them way over this baby bump come Summer.  So comfortable!

2. Did anyone else start playing this album on repeat around Easter? It's just hymns and has filled my soul with such joy. Give it a listen!

3. Judges is the second book of the Bible I'm studying this year, and so I turned to one of my favorite resources. I have yet to read a book in this series I didn't love, and this one is proving to be no different. Add it to your cart if you'd like to dig in a little more! 

4. It's almost pool weather (yay!) so I grabbed my first maternity bathing suit. I saw a friend wear it last year and was so happy to still see it in stock. Love it! (I grabbed a large for plenty of room to grow but could wear a size down for non-maternity, too). 

5. With another little one on the way, we'll be playing musical rooms around here and moving our oldest two in together. This is my inspiration picture, though we probably won't start adjusting anyone until later Summer. 

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Coffee Date 4/8

This has been a busy week! Between celebrating our Risen Lord and then celebrating our favorite little two year old, we've eaten a lot of good food, seen a lot of family/friends, and partied hard. I need a nap ;) 

Other things...

I just finished this book after looking for a light, easy read. I really enjoyed it! Would make a great vacation book if you need one. 

Speaking of books, my friend Gretchen's book just released and I'm thrilled for her. She believes in and lives out of the Gospel so beautifully-- I know her words will overflow with grace and truth. 

I made these cupcakes for Easter and they were a hit. The icing was delicious! Going on our to-make-again list!

We bought this years ago but a friend just saw it in our mudroom and promptly grabbed one for her house, too. We use it almost daily around here-- I think it's saved a lot of shoes from serious stink! 

On the note of favorites, I just reordered this for the ninth time (according to Amazon). I'd say that's a favorite for sure! It's waterproof, which makes it extra good for pool weather coming up. 

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