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Dear Mushka,

Have an art print you love but aren't sure how to frame it? Here are some of our favorites! You'll see these in our product photography... and all around our homes! 

Shop them all here! 


Best gold antique frames

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How to Pray with the Verse Memorization Tabs

This year, I started a new prayer "system" using a product we've had in the shop for years now: The Verse Memorization Tabs! This system has helped me know exactly what I'm praying for each day, which frees my mind and also reassures me that it will all be covered over the course of a month.

Pair it with our new Lord, Teach Us prayer pack and you'll be able to pray for your children in powerful, scriptural areas month after month!

Here's what you'll need:

1. The Verse Memorization Tabs & Lord Teach Us Pack 

2. A box to store your tabs and cards in. A recipe tin works great for this; you can see my favorites here.

3. Extra cards to write on, like our blank cards or 4x6 index cards

Here's what you do: 

1. Put the tabs inside your box

2. Put a Lord Teach Us card behind each of the date of the month tabs (1-31)

3. Fill out other cards based on what you'd like to pray for each day, thinking through how often you'd like to pray over each area. You can also make these cards over the course of time, as the Holy Spirit leads you.

For example, the card that goes behind your Daily tab might have basic areas like The Lord's Prayer or the ACTS acronym (adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplication) on it. 

Behind the Even and Odd tabs, you might have a few cards for your closest family members, current anxieties you're working with the Lord through, or prayers for the salvation of those around you.

Behind the Monday-Sunday tabs, you might have bigger topics you'd like to cover each week like your local church, your city, your marriage, missionaries, the school your children go to, your workplace, etc

Then, behind your 1-31 tabs, you can make a card for the various people in your life you'd like to pray over each month. Think about your friends, extended family members, the women in your Bible study group, etc

On Thursdays, I pray over Dear Mushka! Here's what my current card looks like. 

4. Once you've made your cards, place them behind the appropriate tabs. But don't panic! Cards can be rotated with ease so nothing is set in stone. Perhaps this month a card needs frequent prayer so it goes behind your Even tab; Next month, you may be able to move it to a date of the month tab. 

5. Each day, open your box and pray the cards behind the appropriate tabs. You'll pray the prayers behind four dividers:


·Odd or Even

·Day of the Week

·Date of the Month

For example, if today is Sunday, August 1 I would pray the cards behind Daily, Odd (1 is an odd number), Sunday, and 1. Tomorrow, I would pray the cards behind Daily, Even, Monday, and 2. 

Over the course of a month, you will have lifted up so many areas and people to God, trusting that He hears our prayers and works through them. What a gift! 

Bonus: As God answers your prayer, make a note right on the card as a testament to His mercy and grace. Each year, you can pull out your notecards and staple them together with the date on top like a prayer journal. Start fresh the next year! 

Note: If you already use this system to memorize scripture, feel free to combine the two methods! I like to pray the verses I've memorized over the prayer topics on the cards behind the same tabs. 

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Coffee Date 7/22

We're still soaking up every bit of Summer, also knowing that back-to-school time is right around the corner! I'm feeling good (hello, third trimester) and we made it through a photo shoot with these little wild men. Both of those feel like gifts from God! ;)

With the launch of our Mini Mushka line this week, I wanted to highlight a few favorites that focus on children!

1.  This book releases on September 1 and I couldn't be more excited about it. I love all the books in this series, and this one is no different. What a resource as we teach our children about prayer! 

2.  I love this site  as a resource for teaching little ones with the Word of God. We use their workbooks and scripture cards! A great resource if you're homeschooling, especially. 

3. This is the Kid's Bible we're currently working through in the mornings. It's great for that 3-6 age range, with accurate stories, beautiful illustrations, and helpful questions to discuss as a family. 

4. This podcast is short and full of information from Christian children counselors. I particularly love past seasons, where they talk specifics about both genders and what they need at various ages. 

5. This gets played with almost daily at our house. It's not messy (I promise!) and can be pulled out when everyone needs a calm activity. I keep some in a plastic tub with trucks and spoons, perfect for my 2 year old and 6 year old alike!

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Coffee Date 6/25

We're in the thick of Summer, and soaking up every bit of it. Playing in the creek & pool, lightening bugs, late night movies, and fun with friends. I know a lot will change in the Fall when baby no.4 comes so I'm trying to be present and available as much as possible.  

Other things...

Here's the rug we ended up putting in our oldest boys' room. I love how it looks, and the price was right. (Here are all the links for their room if you're interested-- under bedrooms!)

Three kids in and I've learned the beauty in reusable swim diapers. They hold better than disposable ones, are more cost effective, and are cute! We love these

After trying and not actually wearing so many adorable sun protectant hats, I realized the problem was that my hair was always up and couldn't be put under a hat. This one is admittedly less cute, but easy to slip on every time I'm outside. I wear it daily!

Here's my kitchen cleaning tip: Buy a pack of these once a year. Use them, bleach them clean each week, repeat. They're pretty absorbent and don't look horrible hanging off your dishwasher handle. Next year, replace with a new pack! (They also are great fillers for gift baskets.)

We're heading to the beach soon and I think I'm going to grab this to read. I'm a fan of anything Kristin Hannah writes and I've heard only great things about this one. 


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Coffee Date 5/10

We're getting settled into Summer with lightening bugs and later mornings. What a gift to be together and praise God for the gifts He's given us! 

Other things...

1. I picked up this book and am absolutely loving it! Such wisdom and truth to ground our minds. Highly recommend!

2. I choose these beds (in twin size, color grey) for two of our boys as we make room for no.4. I especially love the size, the ability to use a trundle bed if necessary, and room for drawers or baskets.

3. The protein powder we buy over and over again. Each morning, I make a smoothie for my kids and let them drink it immediately or sip it all day long. It's been the best way to fill their bellies and pack in all sorts of goodies (like rices frozen cauliflower, chia seeds, etc)

4. Additionally, we use these straws to help them get every last drop. I love the bend in the straw (to help avoid spills) and the extra wide opening. I also let each child have their own straw-- with pink for me! 

5. Lastly, this dew skin feels like a dream in the Spring/Summer. I love the SPF and how it adds a subtle even tone to my skin without feeling too heavy. 

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Coffee Date 5/27/21

We went strawberry picking the other day and had so much fun! I wasn't sure how kid-friendly the U-Pick experience would be for little ones (ages 6,4,2), but they got the hang of it right away and did great not smashing all the berries or putting them in their mouths right away. I'm tempted to go again before the season ends! 

(Locals, we went to Delvin Farms in Middle Tennessee, but a quick Google search will pull up any locations in your area.)

Other things...

1. I grabbed this butterfly kit as a little "science experiment" for my boys. It comes with everything you need to watch caterpillars turn into Painted Lady Butterflies and we've loved it. Ours are about to come out of their chrysalides and we're all stealing peeks during the day. (Note: It's a little pricey for what it is in my opinion, but you can re-order just the caterpillars for a few dollars so I figure we'll get good use out of it over the years?)

2. This is an oddly specific thing to mention, but our kids have the hardest time getting all the soap out of a traditional washcloth so I switched to this silicone mitt and it's made all the difference. They each have one that hangs on a command hook and know exactly how to use it to clean themselves now! 

3. A seriously high-rated game for rainy Summer days with little ones. They have lots of versions, so choose the one that best fits your kids' ages! 

4. I've been turning on God's word first thing each morning and listening to a reading plan as I get ready, make breakfast, tend the garden, and even fall asleep each night. I avoided this app for a while (because it's $27/year) but haven't regretted it for a moment. I love the Bible version and voice options, as well as all the plans they have available. It's a great way to fill your mind with God's word! 

5. Lastly, I heard this song for the first time in church a few weeks ago and still find myself turning it on almost daily. It's particularly beautiful for this time of year with everything blooming! 

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