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My 2023 Favorites

At the end of the year, I reflected on my purchases to see what really brought value vs what I might not need to spend money on again. 

Here are my top five purchases in a few categories from the year. I hope they help make shopping a little easier for you, too!


  1. At home laser hair remover: I've used this for months around my chin and bikni line. My hair is virtually now gone there (for way less time and money than a professional service!)
  2. High wasited athletic shorts: I workout in these daily, and also wear them non-stop in the summer. They helped me feel "locked and loaded" without feeling constricted. (Note: I sized up for some extra length)
  3. Apple watch band: I upgraded my silicone band to this metal one and instantly felt more pulled together and chid. It was a simple change that still makes me smile. (The band has held up really well, too!)
  4. Argon oil shampoo: I researched alternatives to luxury brands like Monat and landed here. It's added health and shine to my (thin, oily hair) and has clean ingredients in it for a fraction of the cost. Win!
  5. Crossbody bag: I wanted a nice bag I could take beyond the playground and this one is perfect! The size, color, and quality are great for my needs. 


  1. Neck Pillow:  I lay on this for ten minutes before bed to help counteract the looking down I’ve done all day. It helps keep the curve in my spine. I use this time to pray & reflect on my day!
  2. Electric Tea Kettle:  I use this when I host a small group at my house and in the afternoons when all my kids want tea. It’s the quickest way to get everyone hot water!
  3. Drink Carrier: I put all my kids’ full water bottles in here and bring it out to the porch while they play. I also bring it when we eat dinner elsewhere (it’s easier than filling up 5 cups!) I stick snacks or bibs in the extra compartment.
  4. Phone Light: This adds the equivalent of a bright window to all my photos and videos. Like a ring light but more manageable in size! It’s made recording for DM feel more doable.
  5. Hair Towel:  I switched to this after using just any ol’ towel and it’s made a difference. It easily stays on while I do all my other post-shower steps and leaves my hair half-way dry by the time I’m done.
  6. Bonus! Extra-Body Foam: I didn’t include this in my top 5 because it isn’t “clean” but it really works so... I love it for now. I use it after I take my towel off, dry my hair for about a minute, and am good to go for days. This volume is new for me!



  1. Heavier Coated Weights: I have a long-term goal to care for my body by strengthening my muscles and got to the point where I needed heavier weights. Yay! These tend to be the best price for a coated weight.
  2. Protein Powder: I’ve actually used this for a few years, but last year I began adding the recommended two scoops to my smoothie. Upping my daily protein has made a huge difference in my energy & health. (Here's my recipe)
  3. One Line A Day Journal: This takes just a moment every evening and has become a sweet way for me to reflect on my day before zooming into the next. I’ll be glad I have these notes jotted down.
  4. Coop Pillow: Now that we’re out of the newborn stage, I’m trying hard to get 8 hours of good sleep most nights. That’s come with a few changes, including investing in a great pillow. After a little trial and errow with the oomph levels, I like this one!
  5. Owala Water Bottle: This is the best water bottle for me- Has a straw & spout, handle, lid that closes well, isn’t absurdly large, and comes in colors that make me smile. I try to fill it up 3x a day.