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Our Romans 8 Memorization Collective comes with a monthly stunning digital download in collaboration with Laci Fowler Art. (In our opinion, the download is worth the price alone!)

It's an 16x24 poster size, which is large and beautiful. Hang one alone or a few in a row for a real statement. 

To Print: 

1. Download your digital file. You should find it in your email every month, around the date of your original purchase date (depending on the day of the week; we manually send these and aren't in the studio over the weekend.)

2. Print your download! Upload your files to a printing service. A few suggestions are listed below. Each site site will walk you through the process- I promise it's easy. Some even offer delivery! 

Note: These were designed as 16x24 prints, but can be ordered in any size that contains the same 2:3 ratio if you would prefer (see graphic below). Some of these printing services only offer a few of the size options. 

 3. Frame your print. A google search for a "16x24 poster frame" will yield many results, but here are a few of our favorites.

· If you think you'll want to hang 5+, this set of frames is the best deal (at roughly $10/ a frame!)

· This set is great for 3 frames

· Here's a great one for just one frame. It's more pricey, but the frame is nice and thick. 

· This is a great lower-budget frame (availble in the 20x30 size)

· Of course, you could also hang your poster with this frame instead! It's inexpensive & really functional-- in fact, it's what I've been using to hang mine!

Questions about your download? Email and we'll be happy to help!