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How to pray with your husband each morning

This year- 14 years into our marraige- Robert and I began praying outloud together consistently. For years, we've prayed in spontaneous moments, but never had we set aside a time to speak with God, together, every day.

We found 6:55 a.m. to be the perfect time— just a few minutes before he begins breakfast & and I get our little kids up.

We surrender our day to God and, in turn, lay out our worries and hopes in front of one another, too. It's been a sweet, intimate way to begin our day.

👉🏼 Let this be encouragement to you- Just because you didn't begin a habit as a newlywed doesn't mean you can't start today.

👉🏼 And to those of you who have been married just a few years, please know that a marriage takes time to grow. Give it time if you aren't where you hope to be!


If you need a little guidance for your own prayer time with your husband, let these products guide you:

1. The Marriage Fighter Pack comes with 10 topical verse cards, made to apply to your marriage. Idea: read one a day with your spouse and pray it over your marriage together!

2. The Unity Necklace was designed around Psalm 133:1, which says “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” Ask God to give you and your husband grace and wisdom as you seek to live in unity together each day.

3. The Harvest Necklace is based on Galatians 6:9-- a reminder that the holy work we pour into our marriages isn’t for nothing (even when it may feel like it). Don’t give up, sister. God is working. Grab this necklace as a tangible reminder if you need one!

4. The Lord, Teach Us to Pray Husband pack which features 31 writen prayers, based completely on scripture, for you to pray over your husband. You could pray these with him next to you or on your own time. (I use that set on my own each day.)