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DISCIPLESHIP: How I Memorize Scripture

DISCIPLESHIP: How I Memorize Scripture

I've memorized a lot of scripture over my years but like anything, find that it slips away if not rehearsed from time to time. Whether you're using the promise pack to memorize one promise from scripture a week along with us or have your own verses to learn (or both!), I think this method seems like a real winner. It's doable but also places proper reverence upon God's word. After all, Psalm 1 says that we should delight in and mediate on these words day and night. That's going to take a little time :) 


1. Get an index box and 41 tabbed divider to fit inside.

This is a great inexpensive box to start with, and here's the one I'm using. Most recipe boxes will work-- just make sure they're tall enough to accommodate tabbed cards. Here are some great tabbed dividers on Etsy, but you could also use the back side of something like this or make your own by adding tape to an index card!

2. Label the tabbed dividers as follows and place them in the box in this order:

·1 divider-- Daily

·1 divider-- Odd

·1 divider-- Even

·7 dividers-- Days of the Week (Sunday, Monday, etc.)

·31 dividers-- Numbered 1-31

3. Write down any verses you already know onto a 4x6 index card and then place the verse cards behind the numbered dividers, distributing them evenly. If you don't know any already, that's okay! We're going to learn at least 52 together. 

Next, take the first promise card and and place it behind the Daily tab. The rest of the cards can be stacked at the very front of your box or in a separate location. At the beginning, you might not have any verses in the Odd, Even, and Days of the Week slots, but they'll fill in soon. 

4. Each day you will say the verses behind four dividers:


·Odd or Even

·Day of the Week

·Date of the Month

So if today is Monday, the 9th, you will say the verses behind Daily, Odd (because 9 is an odd number, I grabbed the wrong one of the photo. Ha!), Monday, and 9. The next day- Tuesday, the 10th- you will say the verses behind Daily, Even, Tuesday, and 10. Keep in mind that only the verse behind Daily is a new one that you are memorizing; all the others are just quick review.

5. Once a week, or when you're confident in your knowledge of the verse, write the date on the back of the Daily card and advance it. The Daily card replaces the older Even or Odd card (use your past dates as a reference if you need it); Your replaced Even or Odd card goes behind the oldest Day of the Week; Your Day of the Week goes behind a Number. Then put your next card behind the Daily divider and you’re ready to go again!

This allows you to review a new verse every day, and then every other day, once a week, and ultimately once a month. If you use your box every day, you're going over each of your verses every month, which is a beautiful way to store them deep in your heart. And because we know that the mouth speaks from an overflow of the heart (Luke 6:45), this is also a wonderful way to begin using scripture in your everyday language and guidance. When you're spending 5-10 minutes a day in scripture, the words are sure to come back out!

A Few Notes: Place your most well known verse(s) behind Day 31 since it will be reviewed less often. When each day has a card behind it, start adding additional cards behind each of the 31 days. You'll have to do this by the end of the year-- how exciting! And if you're more of a visual learner, here's a video on the Charlotte Mason Method. 

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Whoo! That was a long post. Set up will take a little time, but gosh-- I can't think of many things more valuable, can you? If you make a box, please tag us on Instagram (@dearmushka) and use #thepromisepack so I can see! And if you'd like to purchase the promise pack, you can find it here!

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