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The Perfect Summer Earrings

The Perfect Summer Earrings

The Renew Earrings are part of our Summer Launch Line and I am so excited about this fun piece! I loved the tassel design for the verse it is paired with as it’s a little different to what Dear Mushka usually carries. I felt like these earrings stand out against all of our other jewelry pieces and so it fit perfectly with it’s verse:

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern that is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

This was a verse that I clung to as a teenager, the idea of that God’s will was for my life and how to discern what to do next - and acknowledging that renewal comes from God’s Word and the Holy Spirit.

They come in a blush pink and teal- youthful and playful! They are bold and fun but are easy to pull off and aren’t over-dramatic.

They are the perfect summer earrings. I can just picture them at the beach with a cute sundress or a brimmed hat. Even sitting by the pool with your hair up and a sweet pop of color.

I also love that the imagery is just reinforced because there are two earrings so they serve as the perfect reminder that the only way to become renewed is through God’s Word and through the Holy Spirit. It cannot be done by simply willing ourselves to know truth or by magic prayers. God answers those prayers only through the Holy Spirit and His Word.

The Renew Earrings are perfect for anyone who longs to have her mind more like Christ’s. They make the perfect Summer gift.

How To Clean Brass Jewelry

How To Clean Brass Jewelry

Katie shared on her Instagram Stories recently about how much she’s been loving Brass for creating Dear Mushka jewelry. It’s less expensive than 14k gold filled which ultimately means it keeps the prices down for you🎉

What we’re also loving is how it develops a pretty patina over time but if you don’t like this feature, it’s super easy to clean using lemon juice or ketchup (anything with acidity).

You simply place some of the product of choice on your finger and rub it into your brass jewelry piece to give it some shine. You just keep rubbing until the shine comes back and wipe it with a paper towel. Nice and easy!

Most of our current bracelets are made from brass:

The Carried Cuff

The Carried Cuff

The Vision Bracelet

The Parallel Cuff which I wear almost every single day!

The Steward Cuff

A lot of our pendants are also brass:

The Encounter Pendant

The Quiver Pendant (You’re able to add multiple arrows to represents all of your babies!)

The Essential Pendant in our long necklace, the large hexagon.

Lockets - The Eclipsed Pendant 

Please note that our chains are not made from brass so you’ll want to remove the pendants when shining them - don’t get ketchup on your chain.

We have our materials used for each piece listed on our website, so just make sure you’re only cleaning the brass parts of your jewelry. Gold and Silver aren’t going to react the same to acidic cleaners.

Necklaces for Layering

Necklaces for Layering

We have over 40 short necklaces at different lengths that are perfect for creating that layered look! I’m sharing some pieces today that make a great combo for wearing together for modern and stylish adornment.

The Ambassador Necklace

The Ambassador Necklace is our only choker necklace that fits snug around your neck. The Kinship Necklace is another option but it hits slightly lower and isn’t technically a choker as it’s looser than the ambassador.

The Salt Necklace

The Salt Necklace is a 16” piece that has a genuine druzy pendant in white. A 16” necklace hits me above my collarbone but this can differ depending on what you’re wearing.

Some of my other favorites in this length include: The Enduring Necklace and The Aid Necklace.

The Encounter Necklace

The Encounter Necklace is one I wear at least once a week, it makes a great prayer piece and hangs at 18”. Our 18” necklaces are the most common length for our Dear Mushka pieces.

My favorites for layering include the Honey Necklace and the Knot Necklace.

The Honey Necklace is one of my favorite Dear Mushka pieces with its golden pendant that shines.

The Twinkle Necklace

The Twinkle Necklace is my favorite layering necklace because the chain is different - it doesn’t tangle with other pieces! This one makes a great gift, especially if somebody has some of our other jewelry already because it just goes with everything.

Mother's Day Gift Guide (for every woman!)

Mother's Day Gift Guide (for every woman!)

Mother's Day is our second biggest holiday and as a woman, I truly understand why. On this day, there is little more I want than ways to remember my sweet children + Gospel truths to stand on when I'm feeling overwhelmed. I also know the loss of a mother, the angst of feeling like an imperfect mother, the sorrow as friends walk through miscarriage or infertility and long to be a mother, etc. 

I hope this post helps you navigate the pieces we offer and allows you to find the perfect thing for your heart or a loved one's heart. xx

To Celebrate Children:

· A piece from the No. 139 Birthstone collection here -- add one or multiple birthstones. Grandmothers love this! 

· The Priority Ring here-- wear one for each of your children, add more as your family grows!

· The Called Necklace here -- add one initial or multiple and keep your children close to your heart (or a grandmother's heart). Also a precious way to honor the loss of a child. 

· The Brimming Necklace here-- a great option for someone experiencing motherhood after years of waiting. Rejoice with those who rejoice!

· The Quiver Necklace here -- add as many arrows as you need and think on Proverbs 127:4


The Together Necklace here -- we have a verse card for birthmothers, adoptive mothers, and (new!) adopted daughters as they get older. Can you picture all three matching? Precious! 

To Help During Hard Seasons:

· The Aid Necklace here -- created especially for when a loved one or unborn child dies. Miscarriage, loss of child, loss of mother, no relationship with a mother. Let this verse meet you in all of the hard! 

· The Expectant Necklace here -- created especially for someone walking through infertility. Open your hands to what God has in store for you. 

· The Keeper Necklace here-- know that you are seen and your tears are kept; add tear drops for each miscarriage or loss.

· The Portion Necklace here-- because God, not children or health or obedience, is our hope. Amen!

· The Carried Cuff here -- because you're being held as you mother; this is a shop bestseller, for sure! 

· The Harvest Necklace here -- available in lots of colors with a wonderful reminder that the work you're doing will one day product fruit; keep planting seeds in your child's life!

· The Enduring Necklace here-- especially wonderful for mothers parenting a child with special needs 

For Spiritual Growth as you Mother:

· A Promise Pack here -- perfect for putting up all around the house to keep your eyes on truth even when you feel too busy to spend a long time in the Bible

· The Servant Necklace here-- a reminder to serve your children, through the power of Jesus

· A 2 Cor 12:9 Art Print here -- because God is greatest when are weak and in need of Him for energy, wisdom, and joy. 

To Gift to Another as a "Thank You" for being the mother they are

· Here's a blog post I wrote that highlights a lot of pieces you can use to say "thank you". I think you'll find a lot of good options here! 


Katie's Favorite Dear Mushka Necklaces

Katie's Favorite Dear Mushka Necklaces

Today Katie shares some of her favorite Dear Mushka Necklaces and their meanings. Watch the video to see her explanations or read below to find your favorite piece. 

The Net Necklace

The Net Necklace comes in both gold and silver and is paired with a verse from 1 Peter. It is meant to resemble a net and casting your anxieties overboard, trusting that Jesus will handle them.

Cast all your anxiety on Him because he cares for you.

This piece would be perfect for an anxious season of life.

The Radiance Necklace

I wear The Radiance Necklace anytime I need something a little fancy. It comes in four different colors and the peach is my favorite. It’s supposed to resemble an unashamed, radiant face and the verse from Psalm 34.

The Ladder Necklace

The Ladder Necklace comes paired with the verse from Romans 5 that has been such a lifeline for me. I’ve also given this piece to friends when they are walking through tough seasons.

It’s obviously meant to look like a ladder and reflects the imagery of climbing the ladder of sanctification through suffering.

The Perspective Necklace

The Perspective Necklace is reflective of Romans 8. This is a very well-known verse.

And we know that all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose.

The idea is that up close the necklace looks like ugly holes but from a distant we’re able to see our lives as a redemptive whole.

It comes in yellow gold, rose gold and silver. What I love about this piece is that just the title (and the necklace itself) offers us perspective that in hard season of suffering we can remember that God is working something out.

Do you have a favorite Dear Mushka piece that you love wearing or have given as a gift? I love hearing from you and hearing the personal meanings you give to each piece! Send me a DM to share your favorites with the Dear Mushka team❤️

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