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Dear Mushka,

August Christian Jewelry Best Sellers

Here are the top ten products purchased for the month of August at Dear Mushka! It’s always exciting to see the changes based on new products, sales, seasons and holidays.

I’ll go into detail about what each of the pieces mean and my followers on Instagram always love these monthly recaps so I hope you love it, too!

The Renew Earrings

The Renew Earrings are one of my favorite pieces which is surprising to me. I thought these would just be for you trendy women, but I fell in love! They are lightweight and a good size. I love both the teal and grey color of these tassel earrings - perfect for Fall!

The verse paired with them is from Romans 12:2 and these earrings’ design reflects the verse in many different ways. This piece stands out more than our other pieces so you can see how that represents you standing out from the crowd or even how they “sweep away” the thoughts of the world so you can make room for Christ.

These are so sweet and are perfect for high school and college girls, but I totally love wearing them, too!

The Aid Necklace

The Aid Necklace comes in three metals: rose gold, yellow gold and silver. The verse for this piece comes from Psalm 147:3 and this necklace was popular this month because of the giveaway I did on Instagram!

This is the perfect gift for women going through a season of suffering and it serves as a reminder that only God can fill the holes left in our hearts from loss - miscarriage, loss of a loved one, health issues, etc.

The Self Control Necklace

The Self Control Necklace went on major sale this month and you guys snagged these up! It’s a mixed metal piece with a rose gold chain and a silver box pendant. It features a verse that is so powerful for your days with that bold pendant that is locked and loaded with the Holy Spirit’s power!

This one will be retired soon so if you want one, grab it for the low price while there are still a few left.

The Timber Necklace

The Timber Necklace was another sale piece for the month of August. It hangs long and is claspless so it just slides over your head - super easy! Each of the stones are unique and its greenish color just affirms its paired verse passage from Jeremiah.

The idea here is to remind you to plant your roots deep by the stream so that even when drought comes, when we walk through really hard times, we can bear fruit and our soul can be at rest.

Its the perfect piece to wear for a special occasion or date night with an everyday verse. Put the verse card somewhere visible or use it as a Bible bookmark, and plant those roots deep, girls!

The Carried Cuff

The Carried Cuff makes our top seller lists often because its just a really great cuff, made from brass and very strong. You simply pull it open and squeeze closed to adjust the sizing.

The Carried Cuff and Companion Bracelets pair so well together! It comes with the verse from Isaiah 40:11 and the design looks like arms wrapping around your wrist to remind you that as you carry your people, God is carrying you!

This is my go-to mother or baby shower gift and comes in both silver and brass.

The Priority Rings

The Priority Rings come in all three metals and although they come one in a pack, I like to wear three at a time to remind me of my three boys and how they are my priority over my to-do list. I also love the idea of it representing the Trinity and they also look really good stacked.

The verse is from Matthew 6:33 and it reminds us to seek from the Kingdom before our to-do lists, social media, etc. Seeing these rings on your hands throughout the day reminds you where your priorities should lie. 

The Eclipsed Necklace

I’m guessing many of you purchased the Eclipsed necklace for your daughters going back to school. We currently don’t advertise our pieces as “kids jewelry” because of the insurance purposes that come along with it like choking hazards and all that.

So I can’t tell you that this necklace is for your kids going back to school but it is a great length and is totally adorable for little girls, with the sweet locket. Inside you can store a picture, a kiss or a prayer for when she’s feeling a little nervous.

It comes paired with Jeremiah 33:3 and is a call to prayer. They are beautiful, sweet little lockets!

The Companion Bracelets

The Companion Bracelets are always, always on our top seller lists! They come two in a pack - two bracelets, two verse cards so you have one to keep and one to gift. They are like grown-up BFF bracelets.

They are reasonably priced and they are the perfect way to thank a friend for being a companion you can cherish. All of the colors are stunning and are lovely paired with a brass bracelet or even just your watch.

The Twinkle Necklace

The Twinkle Necklace is the perfect layering piece with its satellite chain so it keeps it from getting tangled. I wear it with basically any other necklace in our store!

This month it got a new verse and its the perfect one to meditate on all day long! Keep it in mind if you want a go-to piece for layering with all of your other necklaces.

Our Number 1 Piece: The Onward Necklace

The Onward Necklace was in our shop years ago and it was retired until now. You all begged to have it back! I’m so glad you loved it enough to bring it back.

It comes paired with Isaiah 43:2 and the design looks like fire and water, representing the verse perfectly. It is the perfect piece as you or a friend walk through trial to serve as a reminder that you will not be burned.

For those of you walking through this hard season, I see you and am hopeful with you!

That’s it for our top ten products for this month at Dear Mushka, thank you to everyone who supports us! If you’d like to see more try-on’s for our pieces be sure to head over to our Instagram and watch our daily stories.

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Introducing the Go Tell it on the Mountain Hat

Our Fall line is launching September 5th and I am officially excited - I even showed some sneak peaks over on stories today. We will be launching TEN new products! Sign up to our mailing list and follow us on Instagram to keep updated and pick out what you love. 

The first product is our Go Tell it on the Mountain hat which comes in two colors (maroon and navy) as I simply couldn’t pick which one I loved more. This is our hymn piece for the season. Over the past few seasons we’ve always incorporated a hymn piece into our line and while praying over which hymn I wanted for this Fall, Go Tell it on the Mountain kept coming to mind.

We don’t do a separate line for Christmas, so whatever we launch this season is going to be available for Christmas shopping. So I thought this beautiful song (usually related to Christmas) would be perfect not only only for the holidays but is also at the heart of Dear Mushka. It reminds us to go tell it everywhere and anywhere we can that Jesus Christ is born!

The story behind the hymn is that it is originally an old African American spiritual passed down from generation to generation. These people were slaves who passed it along from plantation to plantation and although they didn’t read or write, they sure did share the gospel and encourage one another through music!

In the early 1900’s, John Westley Work (from Nashville just like me!) collected lots of these spirituals into a book so that we could have them today. Knowing this definitely gives the song more meaning and power now that I know it’s history.

The Go Tell it on the Mountain hat is perfect for Fall and transitioning to the cooler months. It pairs perfectly with leggings, a casual top and also covers dirty hair - yep, this is certainly how I am going to be wearing it! I feel like it can take a super casual and simple outfit and instantly give it something special.

The style is a “dad hat” and is fully adjustable at the back so it can fit my small pea-head but also fits well on bigger heads! Dad hats are the most comfortable, every day hat style that is also unisex so it’s perfect for anyone and everyone!

It has a super sweet mountain graphic that isn’t super in-your-face, but it reminds us to spread God’s Word and to go tell it on the mountain.

Keep your eyes pealed for our new Fall Line launching September 5th and follow us on Instagram where I’ll be sharing a sneak peak of our new products every day until we launch.

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July Bestsellers | Christian Jewelry and Apparel

We’re about to hit our 30,000th order here at Dear Mushka and we thought it would be fun to completely refund whoever places that order! So keep this in mind if you were thinking of ordering one of the July Bestsellers I’m about to share, or if you want to order a few pieces as gifts for you and your friends - if you hit the 30,000th order you’ll be refunded 100%🎉

I hope it’s you!

Many of the top ten items over here at Dear Mushka for this month are clearly gifts, and some of them are just for you, too. Yay! Let’s count them down!

10 The Priority Rings

Slip the Priority Rings on your hands and remember to first seek God before whatever else your fingers run to - social media, to-do lists, etc. My prayer is that seeing these rings on your fingers will be a reminder to seek first the Kingdom of God.

I leave mine on all the time and they are so easy to wear! Feel free to get a few in different sizes to wear on different fingers, stacked or as a midi ring.

9 The Together Necklace

The Together Necklace comes in gold or silver and has three different verse card options to match the piece. It is our adoption necklace with the international symbol for adoption being represented as a triangle with a heart.

The triangle shows the three sides of an adoption - the birth mother, adoptive parents and the child. Our verse card options also match these three different people involved in an adoption.

We gave this piece to my sons birthmother and birth grandmother and they loved them! It definitely shows how much you value and love the birth mother, no matter the situation. If you’re adopting or have a friend that is adopting, ADD THIS TO YOUR CART.

8 The Aid Necklace

The Aid Necklace comes in gold, rose gold and silver options. The design is a stardust bead and represents filling the hole in your heart that was created by loss. This piece is for miscarriage, loss of a loved one or any season of grieving. It makes the perfect gift.

7 But First Pray Shirt

This T-shirt was on sale this month and still is, however, we just have XL’s left! It has football sleeves, is super cosy and covers your bum. This piece screams Fall outfit to me.

6 It Is Well Tote

This tote bag is the perfect size! It’s a cute farmer’s market bag, bible study bag or pool bag. I love the idea of this bag with your more quiet time items next to your chair - so cute!

It’s an excellent add-on to receive free shipping or to gift it with a few goodies tucked inside. We are not going to restock these when they are gone so grab it now if you want to use them for your Christmas gifts!

5 The Renew Earrings

The Renew Earrings come in teal and and grey. I thought the teal would be a little bright but it’s muted and so good! The grey feels so dreamy and I am loving them with a basic white tee. They come paired with a verse card from Romans 12:2 and remind us to sweep away the thoughts of this world to clear your mind and make room for what God calls good.

These would pair so well with a plaid or flannel shirt for Fall!

4 The Carried Bracelet

The Carried Bracelet has been in the Dear Mushka store for the longest time and continues to be a favorite. The design pairs so well with its verse and gives the imagery of God’s arms wrapping around you. This piece is my go-to gift for baby showers or anytime someone needs a reminder that God is carrying you as you carry little ones!

Our bracelets are so good. They are made from brass, are super durable and you can adjust them for a good fit.

3 The Today Earrings

The Today Earrings are so easy to wear and I have literally worn them all summer. They are such a fun stud with their little detailing that catch the light. They come paired with a verse card that reminds us that this is the day that the Lord has made and that through Jesus, we can rejoice no matter what.

2 The Resolved Necklace

The Resolved Necklace comes in gold or silver. Wearing it reminds us that when we keep our mind focused on God (the moonstone) we will experience lasting peace. I love to pray on this piece with “Lord, show me where I’m not keeping my mind focused on you!”.

1 The Companion Bracelets!

The Companion Bracelets are always in our top ten jewelry pieces each and every month. These come two to an order! Two bracelets, two verse cards for a take on a friendship bracelet. It makes the perfect gift for someone who has really been supporting you lately. I love the idea of gifting this with a note that says “thank you for lifting me up in this season”.

There are 7 color options and they are very reasonably priced for two in an order. So many of you have told me stories of you and your BFF both buying a set for one another! It makes the perfect everyday piece and can be easily paired with a basic tee for a simple and put-together look.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about the designs behind these pieces and that you feel equipped to love your people well! Be sure to follow us on Instagram to watch our daily stories. 

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Rejoice in Each New Day with the Today Earrings

The Today Earrings are new to the Dear Mushka jewelry collection. They are brass studs that catch the light beautifully!

I actually tried to launch these exact earrings a few years ago but only made a few samples as I couldn’t get the materials for more. I was upset, you were upset and we all just loved these! I didn’t even get a pair to keep and was so sad.

But this is the season! We have 100 pairs ready for you🙌

The Today Earrings are from Psalm 118 and this chapter is just so good!

This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it! You may have heard or sung the verse before, perhaps when you were younger. However, this verse is just so powerful when you read the whole chapter - it is not meant to be happy and cheerful like we usually sing it.

The palmist is not praising the Lord in the midst of a perfect life, he knows suffering and distress and he’s praising God regardless. He is begging the Lord to be his refuge and strength despite having a hard life.

So these earrings represent the magic of this verse. They remind us that no matter what, giving thanks allows us to rejoice in the day God has made. God wants good things for us whether we understand His doings or not.

My hope and prayer is that if you grab these, that you read all of Psalm 118 and meditate on its truths.

They are really simple representing a little sunshine like a new day, new mercies, new opportunities to praise God.

These are absolutely perfect for mothers of little ones or jobs that don’t allow long earrings, or those who just love wearing studs. You can find the rest of our latest summer collection here and be sure to follow along for daily Christian inspiration on Instagram.

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How To Keep Your Mind at Peace Through Christ

The new Dear Mushka Resolved Necklace is based on Isaiah 26:3 which is what I consider to be my own life verse, if I had to choose just one. It’s the verse that I have meditated on the most and it has been the biggest comfort to me in my life.

You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you because he trusts in you.

I first heard this verse when I was still in college and had no context, I didn’t know how to study scripture. But when I first heard it, I immediately praised God for the truth. I realized that my brain is always going a million miles an hour and I long for peace.

The loud noises, the conflict and chaos shows that the world is broken and all I long for is peace. This world will not be peaceful until Christ comes again, but our minds can find peace and rest through Him now.

Through Jesus we can have that peace even when everything around us is chaotic.

So the Resolved Necklace builds on this idea and serves as a reminder for this concept. The gold chain and pendant that hangs around your neck represents your mind that is always looking around towards your past, towards things you wish you had or hadn’t done. Or when we look at others and constantly compare ourselves - it shows our minds being pulled in different directions.

But when we wrap our minds around the stone (around God) we find peace.

This necklace hangs a little shorter on a 16” chain. It sits right above my shirt line but if you’d like to make it a little longer you’re always welcome to add a chain extender.

The pendant is fitted with a beautiful moonstone - they remind me of an opal but are a little more grey than white. The edges of this stone are very reflective and when they catch the light you see little rainbows! So stunning!

It has taken me years to design a piece for this verse because it has meant so much to me. I’m praying over this piece and over all of you. I hope through it you are able to find peace and joy.

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The Inspiration Behind Our Hymn Piece: It Is Well

In the Spring we decided to start launching a hymn piece a season and this Summer we’re launching the It Is Well Necklace. We loved that it matched so well with this season with the ideas of rivers, seas and being on vacation.

The verse card it comes paired with is some of the lyrics from the hymn by Haratio Stafford. If you don’t know the background of his story it is a hard one yet so beautiful.

He had a traumatic life. He lost his 2 year old son and then lost all of his money in the great Chicago fire, completely wiping him financially. And then, he sent his family to Europe ahead of him and the boat sank. All four of his daughters died!

He received the telegram from his wife while sailing to Europe to meet them and while on the ocean passing where the boat sank, the lyrics to this hymn came to mind.

When peace like a river, attendeth my way, When sorrows like sea billows roll, Whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say, It is well, it is well, with my soul

I love the daintiness of a long swooping necklace made in rose gold. My thoughts were that the rose gold chain and the movement of the swooping necklace reminded me of walking at sunset and just paired nicely with the imagery of a peaceful river.

It also had dark bead details to represent the dark clouds just as the hymn states “When sorrows like sea billows roll”. They serve as a reminder that no matter what, we can rest in God’s arms.

Also the way the the beads and necklace rests, I almost picture a hammock or hands holding and carrying us. Let’s trust God enough that we feel completely safe and secure in His arms and care.

The It Is Well Necklace slips easily over your head and looks great when worn with a simple tee or a fancy dress.

My prayer is that as you feel it move you hum the hymn and praise the Lord!

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The Perfect Summer Earrings

The Renew Earrings are part of our Summer Launch Line and I am so excited about this fun piece! I loved the tassel design for the verse it is paired with as it’s a little different to what Dear Mushka usually carries. I felt like these earrings stand out against all of our other jewelry pieces and so it fit perfectly with it’s verse:

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern that is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

This was a verse that I clung to as a teenager, the idea of that God’s will was for my life and how to discern what to do next - and acknowledging that renewal comes from God’s Word and the Holy Spirit.

They come in a blush pink and teal- youthful and playful! They are bold and fun but are easy to pull off and aren’t over-dramatic.

They are the perfect summer earrings. I can just picture them at the beach with a cute sundress or a brimmed hat. Even sitting by the pool with your hair up and a sweet pop of color.

I also love that the imagery is just reinforced because there are two earrings so they serve as the perfect reminder that the only way to become renewed is through God’s Word and through the Holy Spirit. It cannot be done by simply willing ourselves to know truth or by magic prayers. God answers those prayers only through the Holy Spirit and His Word.

The Renew Earrings are perfect for anyone who longs to have her mind more like Christ’s. They make the perfect Summer gift.

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How To Clean Brass Jewelry

Katie shared on her Instagram Stories recently about how much she’s been loving Brass for creating Dear Mushka jewelry. It’s less expensive than 14k gold filled which ultimately means it keeps the prices down for you🎉

What we’re also loving is how it develops a pretty patina over time but if you don’t like this feature, it’s super easy to clean using lemon juice or ketchup (anything with acidity).

You simply place some of the product of choice on your finger and rub it into your brass jewelry piece to give it some shine. You just keep rubbing until the shine comes back and wipe it with a paper towel. Nice and easy!

Most of our current bracelets are made from brass:

The Carried Cuff

The Carried Cuff

The Vision Bracelet

The Parallel Cuff which I wear almost every single day!

The Steward Cuff

A lot of our pendants are also brass:

The Encounter Pendant

The Quiver Pendant (You’re able to add multiple arrows to represents all of your babies!)

The Essential Pendant in our long necklace, the large hexagon.

Lockets - The Eclipsed Pendant 

Please note that our chains are not made from brass so you’ll want to remove the pendants when shining them - don’t get ketchup on your chain.

We have our materials used for each piece listed on our website, so just make sure you’re only cleaning the brass parts of your jewelry. Gold and Silver aren’t going to react the same to acidic cleaners.

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Necklaces for Layering

We have over 40 short necklaces at different lengths that are perfect for creating that layered look! I’m sharing some pieces today that make a great combo for wearing together for modern and stylish adornment.

The Ambassador Necklace

The Ambassador Necklace is our only choker necklace that fits snug around your neck. The Kinship Necklace is another option but it hits slightly lower and isn’t technically a choker as it’s looser than the ambassador.

The Salt Necklace

The Salt Necklace is a 16” piece that has a genuine druzy pendant in white. A 16” necklace hits me above my collarbone but this can differ depending on what you’re wearing.

Some of my other favorites in this length include: The Enduring Necklace and The Aid Necklace.

The Encounter Necklace

The Encounter Necklace is one I wear at least once a week, it makes a great prayer piece and hangs at 18”. Our 18” necklaces are the most common length for our Dear Mushka pieces.

My favorites for layering include the Honey Necklace and the Knot Necklace.

The Honey Necklace is one of my favorite Dear Mushka pieces with its golden pendant that shines.

The Twinkle Necklace

The Twinkle Necklace is my favorite layering necklace because the chain is different - it doesn’t tangle with other pieces! This one makes a great gift, especially if somebody has some of our other jewelry already because it just goes with everything.

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Mother's Day Gift Guide (for every woman!)

Mother's Day is our second biggest holiday and as a woman, I truly understand why. On this day, there is little more I want than ways to remember my sweet children + Gospel truths to stand on when I'm feeling overwhelmed. I also know the loss of a mother, the angst of feeling like an imperfect mother, the sorrow as friends walk through miscarriage or infertility and long to be a mother, etc. 

I hope this post helps you navigate the pieces we offer and allows you to find the perfect thing for your heart or a loved one's heart. xx

To Celebrate Children:

· A piece from the No. 139 Birthstone collection here -- add one or multiple birthstones. Grandmothers love this! 

· The Priority Ring here-- wear one for each of your children, add more as your family grows!

· The Called Necklace here -- add one initial or multiple and keep your children close to your heart (or a grandmother's heart). Also a precious way to honor the loss of a child. 

· The Brimming Necklace here-- a great option for someone experiencing motherhood after years of waiting. Rejoice with those who rejoice!

· The Quiver Necklace here -- add as many arrows as you need and think on Proverbs 127:4


The Together Necklace here -- we have a verse card for birthmothers, adoptive mothers, and (new!) adopted daughters as they get older. Can you picture all three matching? Precious! 

To Help During Hard Seasons:

· The Aid Necklace here -- created especially for when a loved one or unborn child dies. Miscarriage, loss of child, loss of mother, no relationship with a mother. Let this verse meet you in all of the hard! 

· The Expectant Necklace here -- created especially for someone walking through infertility. Open your hands to what God has in store for you. 

· The Keeper Necklace here-- know that you are seen and your tears are kept; add tear drops for each miscarriage or loss.

· The Portion Necklace here-- because God, not children or health or obedience, is our hope. Amen!

· The Carried Cuff here -- because you're being held as you mother; this is a shop bestseller, for sure! 

· The Harvest Necklace here -- available in lots of colors with a wonderful reminder that the work you're doing will one day product fruit; keep planting seeds in your child's life!

· The Enduring Necklace here-- especially wonderful for mothers parenting a child with special needs 

For Spiritual Growth as you Mother:

· A Promise Pack here -- perfect for putting up all around the house to keep your eyes on truth even when you feel too busy to spend a long time in the Bible

· The Servant Necklace here-- a reminder to serve your children, through the power of Jesus

· A 2 Cor 12:9 Art Print here -- because God is greatest when are weak and in need of Him for energy, wisdom, and joy. 

To Gift to Another as a "Thank You" for being the mother they are

· Here's a blog post I wrote that highlights a lot of pieces you can use to say "thank you". I think you'll find a lot of good options here! 


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