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Images of gems and letter charms
Images of gems and letter charms
Charms next to a dime for size reference
Examples of gems available to add
Blue tassel with letter R charm
Necklace with embossed F charm
Necklace with embossed A charm
Pearl necklace with charm and verse card
Gold bracelet with charm and gemstone
Silver necklace with charms
Gold necklace with charms
Silver necklace with embossed charms and stone
Embossed rainbow charms from Dear Mushka


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$ 8.00

Note: This listing is not for a necklace or bracelet; it is for the item you may add to a piece you are purchasing.

If purchased alone, your add-on will require tools to attach to your item; these do not just slide on and off a chain. If you need us to attach this to a previously purchased item, please e-mail first.  

Customize your new piece of jewelry by adding a genuine pearl, a stamped tag, a colored glass stone, an arrow, a heart, or extra ring to your item. Because sometimes you just need to make things a little extra special, right?

1. use the drop-down box to choose your specifications

2. on the "view cart" screen please specify which letter or number you need, if applicable, and which jewelry item your add-on should be attached to. 

· If you want more than one add-on please purchase this listing multiple times following the same instructions.

· If you would like your stamped tag or stone in silver, please let us know; otherwise, we will default to gold.

· Please note that stamping is done by hand and may not be perfect


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