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Letter No. 163 · April 9

1. We had concert tickets for this Easter show next Monday, but it was obviously cancelled. Instead, we're blasting this record through the house. (It's on Spotify, too!)

2. With a new puppy in the house, I find myself turning on our diffuser pretty frequently. We have this one and love it. 

3. My youngest just turned one. He doesn't need a thing, but I couldn't resist one gift. Watching him pull this around on his wobbly legs is the sweetest :) 

4. I go back to this book every Easter week. It has devotions from all sorts of people in it and it always a challenge to my heart and mind. I think it would be great to read the rest of April (and years to come) as you continue to reflect so don't hesitate to grab it now. 

5. Tomorrow is Good Friday. Read this if you aren't sure why it's called that!

Letter No. 162- April 2

1. One of you sent me this show, and I'm so glad you did. It's the first multi-series show about the life of Christ and is now free through their app. I've only watched the first episode, but was definitely in tears at the end. 

2. Did you all see this? More tears. 

3. Wait, one more. During the shift change at an Atlanta hospital. Gosh, there is so much good in this broken world. 

4. We got a puppy last week! Robert did a ton of research on the best breed for our family and landed on this one. Loyal, protective, hard working-- It's basically him in dog form haha

5. I'm about to finish my first round through the NT this year, and decided to change up my second round. This commentary came highly recommended by some men and women I trust, I'm excited to dig in! 

Letter No. 161- March 26

1. So many kids are without food as schools shut down; here's a good place to donate during this time. 

2. We just started watching this show after so many of you recommended it. Thanks!

3. Staying home has us tackling all sorts of home project. One that's been on our list since moving in is hanging proper curtains in our bedroom. These were the winner- extra wide and room darkening! They aren't the cheapest, but they'll last forever and make the room. 

4. Another project we tackled was hanging wallpaper in our boys' bathroom. I ordered a small sample of this paper, too, and I'm wondering where to put it. Maybe in my office? It's even more lovely in person. 

5. I've been praying one of these every morning. So so good. 

Letter No. 160- March 19

1. I've probably share this app before, but it's one of my favorites. You take a photo of any plant/flower and it pulls up a few suggestions for it might be. I was using it all around the Biltmore gardens this past weekend! 

2.  Speaking of, here was one of my favorite new tree discoveries. I'm usually not a fan of magnolias, but this variety was so lovely. 

3. My favorite little kid shorts, and less that $5/pair! 

4. I just picked this up and it's wonderful (of course). I'm not sure how we'll use it yet, but I'd like to work towards family devotion time in the evenings.  

5.  Being home more means we might find ourselves with extra opportunities to mindlessly pick up our phones. Here are a few quick tips to help guide us. 



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