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Letter No. 152- January 30

1. Every year, I make a 12x12 "family yearbook" packed with photos. It's very simple, with words only on the first page and an identical picture layout everywhere else, which makes it quick to create. There are so many sites that do this, but I've always been so pleased with this one (and they always have coupons).

2. Wren and I had the best time chatting on her podcast. Here's the episode if you want to give it a listen! We talked about adoption, motherhood, business, etc. 

3. I've been doing this workout program and absolutely love it. Every workout is under 30 minutes, just uses a few hand weights, and has a great trainer. (It's part of the Beachbody app- around $10/month and you have access to all the programs. I've used it for years). 

4. Why didn't anyone tell me this was a thing? For $7, you can have a device that tells you the amount of water + light your specific plant should be getting and measures it for you. It's already helped me bring back to life a plant that was about to die. Amazing! 

5. A perfect little "quiet time" table if you need something like this. I'd been balancing notebooks, Bibles, pens, etc on a pillow-- this is a nice upgrade and only $29. 

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