Letter No. 81 · August 16, 2018


1. A few months ago I asked for vacuum recommendations and finally decided to purchase this one. And y'all! I feel like such a mother, but I haven't stopped mentioning this thing to friends. It is 100% more effective than our little Roomba, takes two minutes or less to use, and my 18 mo old can push it. 5/5 stars! 

2. Ethical fashion is something I'm starting to research more and as usual, this article by Erin was helpful without being pushy or impossible. For my basics and child clothes, I think this is potentially the best fit for our family. For other women options, I'm trying to first just stop buying as much, and then shop second-hand or from a small family business (like this company!). Baby steps. 

3. We planted this right before we decided to move and I've been itching to get another one (or five) planted at our new house. I'm making a list, including a few apple trees, too. An orchard, how fun! 

4. I pulled up this recipe today because it's our birthday morning go-to and Brooks turns four on Saturday! I can't handle it. 

5. We decided to start watching all of these movies in order and are using this list as a helpful reference point. I had no idea that Batman and Thor weren't related ha! 



Letter No. 80 · August 9, 2018


1. We have a Costco membership, but I don't always know what is actually a deal vs what is just convenient. This was a helpful list for me. [Lightbulbs... who knew!]

2. I finally gave in and tried these. They look straight out of the 80's but hey-o, no hair crease! Perfect for when I exercise mid-day. Hooray! [And just a few dollars, too.]

3. Last week FIVE people responded to my e-mail with a recommendation for this book. It was too good to not include it in this week's list-- I've read it and give my 5/5 review, too. Beautifully written, challenging, Jesus focused. 

4. Any one else feel like August is the time to buy a few new closet staples? That back-to-school shopping mood :) I'm going to sing this company's praises forever, I've benefitted so much from it. I just search brands I love (Loft, Lou & Grey, Athleta, etc) and enjoy the savings. I think this link gets you $10 off an order, too. Check!

5. I recently tried these drinks and have to say, they're better than La Croix. I think I grabbed mine at Costco, but here they are on Amazon too :) Perfect for these still-very-hot days. 


Letter No. 79 · August 2, 2018


1. This author is one of my very favorites for little boy books (the illustrations + adventures are too cute) and I recently picked this one up for my 3 yr old. It's not "Christian" but the message is beautiful and my son can't stop staring at each page, they're so captivating. It's going on my to-gift list for baby showers, for sure. 

2. We are HUGE fans of sleep around here (black out curtains + sound machines for everrrr) and just bought this replacement sound machine after our last one finally bit the dust. I like that it isn't noticeable in a bedroom and cost less than $20. Check! 

3. I'm attending this conference with my MIL & SIL in a few weeks and am really excited! I've heard nothing but wonderful things about this company and am looking forward to a relaxing, gospel-filled time. If you're around Nashville, consider coming too! Tickets aren't much all :) 

4. What a beautiful brand & mission! You know I love this. We have one set of cards and I'm loving these below, too. 

5. One of you (hi!) sent me this podcast last week-- specifically the recent episodes about race bias-- and they were really interesting and helpful. I think every one of us with white skin needs to listen & learn and then do something with our privilege. With great power comes great responsibility, yes? 

Letter No. 78 · July 26, 2018


1. We're big fans of sandwiches in the Summer, and it's hard to beat a really good Pimento Cheese one imo. This is a easy, favorite recipe! Pair with fruit & veggies and you're set. 

2. Art is absolutely my weakness, and Clare is one of my very favorite artists. I lost one of my prints of hers in the move [it's the only thing I lost, I think!] and I've got a replacement on my list :) 

3. I shopped the "Nordstrom Anniversary Event" for the first time this year, and snatched up these leggings after seeing the bazillion 5 star reviews [and being disappointed in the poor quality of the inexpensive ones I've purchased in the past.] The sale is still going on if you want to grab a pair, too! I've already worn mine once and agree with the rave reviews. 

4. We've been watching some of the "critically acclaimed" movies on Netflix, and watched this one the other night. Oh, my heart. I think everyone should see it. 

5. I haven't read any boy-specific parenting books yet, but plan to pick one up soon. For years, I've heard people talk about this one. On my list! 


Letter No. 77 · July 19, 2018

Current Favorites, Beach Edition: [CLICK PHOTOS FOR DIRECT LINKS]

1. Multiple months ago I linked to my favorite mascara and then it started flaking off throughout the day. Maybe it isn't a good warm weather one? So anyway, I grabbed this one at the recommendation of a few beauty bloggers and have been pleased!

2. When the weather makes it just too hot to play outside and the boys need some time apart from one another, I pull this out for our 3 [almost 4!] year old to do. It's challenging, but fun, and I like to watch his little mind work.

3. This a great book on all the spiritual disciplines [prayer, bible reading, meditating, etc] if you want to know more about them and don't have a clue where to start. I read it in college and am re-referencing it now! A great one to own and peruse when you need. 

4. A helpful article on real hospitality. I'm so challenged by the way she thinks and articulates truth, and I'm grateful for her influence!

5. You can see where my mind is :) Another indoor-kids-activity! But seriously, this is a great way to get your kids [and self!] moving to stories they know and love. We did Moana yesterday and watching our 18mo old try to be yoga Maui was adorable. I love that you can choose a video based on length/ energy level. And it's freeee!

Letter No. 76 · July 5, 2018

Current Favorites, Beach Edition: [CLICK PHOTOS FOR DIRECT LINKS]

1. We're headed to the beach soon and I'm bringing along these books to read. Have you read either? I've heard only the best things about Educated & am a long time fan of Jamie's podcast. Looking forward to both!

2. I bought this suit last year and it's been my absolute favorite. These are the first high-waisted bottoms I've tried on that don't look like a diaper. Ha! I also picked up this one and love it, too [But head's up, it isn't padded. Lame. I'm going to add in my own lining.]

3. My wide-brimmed beach hat. Check! Super cute & functional. 

4. Two go-to car activities for our 3 year old. Any other suggestions? We're also going to check out a "launch pad" from our library. And allll the snacks. 

5. Trying this out this year. It has a bazillion 5 star reviews & is like $5. I'd love to get some cute water pictures of the boys! 

Letter No. 75 · June 28, 2018


1. I'm going back to old favorites this week because I continue to get questions about these items and I'm so happy to share! First up, my favorite favorite bra. I'm never going back! 

2. This is the commentary I've been using as I study the book of Isaiah, one chapter of the book a day. I often share quotes from it on IG because it's so beautifully written and helpful. I'm finally understanding a book that hasn't made a ton of sense in the past! 

3. This is the apple watch band I bought a year ago. It's held up surprisingly well for only costing like $10-- I literally wear it all day, every day except while I sleep! 

4. I put a scoop of this protein powder in my boy's smoothies every morning along with a banana, handful of spinach, handful of frozen berries, and milk. It immediately helped to fill their little bellies and has decreased how often they ask for snacks dramatically. Fan for life!

5. We take this probiotic every day and my husband, especially, has been really helped by it. Let tummy issues and all that :) 

Letter No. 74 · June 21, 2018


1. We're moving into our new house in just a few weeks and I thought a fresh doormat was in order. This one is big, durable, and adorable! I think it will hold up better than some of our past ones from Target have. 

2. I signed up for my first half marathon and have been looking for a new pair of running shoes as I train. I bought & returned two pairs of Asics because neither seemed to fit right and am back to my roots- a good ol' pair of Nike Pegasus Zooms! I have yet to find a better fit for my foot. 

3. Most of y'all know I pray through a Psalm each day, and this reference to each one has been a beautiful addition to my morning time with the Lord. [I don't love the "a woman's guide to the psalms" part of the title, though-- the content would be great for anyone!]

4. My current read. Gah, it's sucked me in and is both eye-opening and beautifully written. The content isn't light, per se, but I think it would still be a great beach read if you're in need of one!

5. These are the best shorts I've ever owned, I think. My friend, Crystal, started this online women's boutique and has done a wonderful job curating pieces, but y'all-- these shorts she sells are above and beyond. I'd rave about them no matter where they were from. The length is perfect, the quality is superb, they look fancy but feel like pj shorts, they have an elastic waist, I could go on. Highly recommend! [I chose a M here if that helps you with fit.]

Letter No. 73 · June 17, 2018


1. These shoes are exactly what I was looking for this summer. Slip on, rinse off, easy & durable. And SO comfy. High five, Crocs! 


2. A few "home helpers" we've been loving lately: These night lights that automatically come on when it's dark, the fact that my phone and child monitor cords aren't falling off my nightstand anymore, and broom hooks [which we should have purchased years ago].


3. Waiting for this bug spray to arrive- a zillion positive reviews and deet free. Let's see about this!

4. Obsessed with these storage bins. The rectangle ones are the PERFECT size for organizing pantry items and the XL ones are great for paper towels, toilet paper, etc. And the price is just right. We have white in our pantry and the dark grey in our random closets :)

5. Really grateful for this resource, which covers basically every topic that might come up. I'm currently listening to Piper's wisdom on women in the church and it's been so helpful & approachable. 


Letter No. 72 · June 7, 2018

Current Favorites: [Click Photos]


Summer Boredom Busters

One More Day Family Song


Letter No. 71 · May 31, 2018

Current Favorites: [Click Photos}



I Left Same Sex Romance For Love

Grilled Honey Chili Lime Cilantro Chicken

Grilled Peaches 

Corn & Zucchini Chowder


Past Favorites