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Letter 206 | February 11

Lent begins on the 17th of this month; it's a time that provides us an opportunity to set aside our normal go-tos and instead think on our fallen nature + Christ's beautiful sacrifice. It is meant to be a more sober, heavy season that ends as we welcome in the glory of Easter. Here are three short devotion books I recommend for this season. 

1. This one is made up of collected essays from various men and women. It's a classic. 

2. I read this last year and fell in love with Chole's writing style. I also found her 40 day topics to be thought provoking. 

3. This book is a wonderful intro into lent and has pages to be read aloud as a family as well as alone. I've read all three over the years and recommend them all. 

Letter 205 | February 4

1. I wanted to organize some of the wonderful children's books we have by topic (history, seasons, etc) and thought magazine holders might do the job. Turns out, they're perfect! I love these clear ones because they blend into the shelf. 

2. As I read through the Old Testament this year, I also plan to study a few books more deeply. Proverbs is first up and I'm excited to dig into this resource I've heard nothing but wonderful things about!

3. Did you know you can send Doordash gift cards? It's my current life hack for loving friends in need (new baby, sick, etc) when getting them a home cooked meal just ins't possible. Plus, they can choose exactly what they want and use it whenever instead of piling up food in the fridge.  

Letter 204 | January 28

1. I had the privilege of talking with my dear friends, Jani & Heidi, on their podcast recently. You can listen here! 

2. Every January, I make a family yearbook with all the pictures from our previous year. This is the company I use (I order the 12x12 hardcover book), but most photo companies do a wonderful job these days. We love flipping through the pages and remembering together. 

3. One of our boys just had a birthday and you know me and books ;) We've read this multiple times already and he's focusing on every word. Beautiful illustrations and helpful, positive language for feelings. 

Letter 203 | January 21

1. A friend called this her best read of 2020 so naturally I had to read it. (Maybe you already have?) Summary: Wonderful. If you're feeling like you're missing something in your relationship with God, this might offer wisdom. I'll talk more about it on IG Friday. 

2. I workout at home but found myself avoiding exercises that use leg bands because the stretchy material was so uncomfortable and rode up during each move. These fabric covered ones are a game changer! 

3. To protect my own heart and time, I don't follow many people on Instagram. Sharon, a former history teacher, has won me over for a bit though. I appreciate the fact-based information she shares regarding the U.S. government and current events surrounding it, with a touch of humor. 

Letter 202 | January 15

1. I grabbed a set of these for our boys' bedrooms this Christmas and fell in love with their warm glow and safe plastic globes. Now we also have them hanging all around our bonus room! What I really love about them is how seamlessly you can attach a second (or third) strand; you screw off the plug so they essentially blend right in! Such a bit of happy for Winter. 

2. These are my favorite little command hooks. They almost completely blend in with the wall so I can leave them up year round, even for holiday garlands and buntings. I used them to hang the lights above, too! 

3. I needed some new no-show socks and these have almost 16,000 five star reviews! Sold. 

Letter 201 | January 7

1. We don't have a lot of "toys" in our house, but I'm a sucker for a learning activity. While I school my older child, it's helpful to have an activity for my younger two. This is a winner! 

2. I've been on the lookout for a beautiful frame with an antique look and finally found this one. I love it! Grab the 11x14 size if you want to frame an 8x10 with a mat. 

3. Am I the last to know about this resource? You can filter popular shows to remove language, nudity, etc. They also host the amazing show The Chosen if you're looking for a great watch. 

Letter No. 200 | December 31

Here are three of my top favorite purchases in 2020- a high, medium, and low cost. 

1. I just linked this the other week, but as I thought about favorite purchases, this hit at the top of the list. The suction power + cordless feature makes vacuuming such a joy. I bought it on Black Friday, but at this point I'd declare it well worth the full price. Those of you with pets & children, put it on your list. 

2. I think curtains make a room, and I'm a sucker for something velvety in every space. These look luxurious but are super cost effective, with two panels for the price. And they come in so many length + color options. I'm a fan for life!  

3. I could have chosen a zillion low cost favorite purchases of the year, but this little label maker has been used more time than I ever imagined. Our 6 year old also practices spelling with it. No batteries needed! 

Letter No. 198 | December 17

1. "Sisters, you have permission to lead an ordinary life" I've re-read this article a few times now. It's short and powerful!

2. How to study the Bible with Jen Wilkin. What a resource!

3. I listen to this every year. So beautiful! 

4. We watched this as a family last week and all loved it. Wonderful music and storyline. Well done! 


Letter No. 196 | December 3

1. If you're looking for a great gift for a little one, these stacking cups have been a hit in our house. They're also fun to play with in water, dried beans, etc. And the colors are lovely! 

2. This year, we're just going to buy our boys one combined gift-- here's what we decided on. They're going to flip (and hopefully get a lot of energy out!)

3. I bought this for my almost 4 year old's upcoming birthday, but it would also make a great Christmas gift. I've heard nothing but good things about the skills it helps build. 

4. Weighted blankets aren't a new thing, but we recently decided to give one a shot for our son who seems particularly overwhelmed by sensory experiences. He loves it! I'm amazed. 

5. These are our favorite kids' pajamas ever so for the holiday season, I grabbed a set for each of our boys in various Christmas colors. They'll last long past December and are so so cozy. 

Letter No. 195 | November 19

1.There's something so warm and cozy about plaid sheets in the Winter. I surprise our boys' with these on the bed beginning of December and it helps set the tone for the months ahead. 

2. We're going to celebrate Saint Nicholas's Day this year (December 6th ) with stockings stuffed with Christmas pajamas, a new ornament for the tree, and a family outing to buy gifts for children who won't get any otherwise. This book about Nicholas is a sweet story that keeps the focus on Jesus and loving others. I can't wait! 

3. A puzzle out on the table feels like the perfect way to spend cold months. This one of Central Park has my name all over it, and would make a sweet present. Add the puzzle board (a must if you have toddlers) for a lovely gift combination!

4. One of my favorite book purchases this year- a book of prayers for almost every moment. There are ones for new homes and changing diapers and sudden illnesses-- all beautiful and purposeful. Would also make a wonderful gift!

5. Kids' games with a Bible theme-- what a smart idea! This site also has lots of free games and resources to use. The small games would make a great stocking stuffer! 

Letter No. 194 | November 12

1. If you're new to the idea of Advent, I think this book is a very approachable way to begin the habit. There are short devotions for you to read daily, plus one to read with your family each week. There are also action steps to take if you'd like to incorporate them into your week (but no pressure!) 

2. If you don't even know what Advent is, I suggest a book on the church year. This has been one of my favorites! It's beautify written and draws you into to celebrating Christ more deeply all year long. (You can also do a quick Google search)

3. This has been a favorite for working through advent with children. We have ornaments from Etsy that match the daily readings. 

4. Tactile resources are one of the best ways to make a story come alive to little ones. Tell the story and then let them practice telling it back using these little characters. After all, passing down the Good News is a big part of the Christian faith. 

5. I put together a list with some of my favorite Christmas resources right here. There's also another one with my "December Shelf" picks if you'd like to get a head start!

Letter No. 193 | November 5

1. I just got my hands on this book and am thrilled-- it's the very best guide as you read through the Bible in a year. I can't say enough good things about The Bible Recap and know this is going to be such a valuable resource. 

2. I was tired of getting getting out food stains from clothes or having my boys take off their shirts while they ate so now they wear these during messy meals. Success. 

3. One of my favorite reads this year. It's inspiring and encouraging (without being too heavy for right before bed). If you find yourself in an artistic role I think you'll love this, too. 

4. It's time for one of our favorite organizations. This is a great activity to do as a community (with your kids, roommates, etc). Donation week is November 16-23rd so start packing soon!

5. I'm going to try to grow dahlias next year and they tend to sell out quickly. I've got my eyes on a few sites including this one!

Letter No. 192 | October 29

Here are five books I'll be setting out on our kids' bookshelf this November. We'll intentionally read them & learn as we go!

1. "From award-winning author Louise Greig and acclaimed illustrator Júlia Sardà comes an uplifting story about how to confront big emotions. Ed’s bad mood begins as something really small, hardly a thing at all. But before long it grows, gathers pace, and spreads through the whole town. Can Ed sweep his troubles away?"

2. For older kids: "The world-famous, much-loved classic Pilgrim’s Progress is here retold for children. This abridged version uses the original words of John Bunyan as selected by Oliver Hunkin to present a gripping narrative. Filled with intricately detailed illustrations."

3. "In 1620 an English ship called the Mayflower landed on the shores inhabited by the Pokanoket, and it was Squanto who welcomed the newcomers and taught them how to survive. When a good harvest was gathered, the people feasted together--a tradition that continues almost four hundred years later."

4. "When Bartholemew, Remember, and Mary Allerton and their parents first step down from the Mayflower after sixty days at sea, they never dream that life in the New World will be so hard. Many in their Plymouth colony won't make it through the winter, and the colony's first harvest is possible only with the help of two friends, Samoset and Squanto."

5."Every year Grandmother invited a guest for Thanksgiving dinner and allowed Maggie to do the same. "Ask someone poor or lonely," she always said. Thanksgiving was Grandmother's favorite day of the year. The cooking was done and her famous cranberry bread was cooling on a wooden board. But she wasn't happy to find out Maggie had invited the unsavory Mr. Whiskers to dinner. Would her secret cranberry bread recipe be safe with him in the house?"

Letter No. 191 | October 22

1. Next on my to-read list (among one hundred others)

2. Our little ones get their shoes/boots soaked in puddles and the creek behind our house so we bought this a few years ago. It gets almost weekly use around here! 

3. If you're looking for a good vitamin for your kids. They make great incentive to practice memory verses, too :) 

4. This is my favorite nail polish formula (it dries in two minutes + lasts over a week!) and I've fallen in love with this neutral color. I almost returned it, but am so glad I didn't. It adds just the right amount of polish, and chips blend in with my skin tone. 

5. I'd rather not wear a bra with underwire in it if I can help it-- this one is wonderful! 

Letter No. 190 | October 15

1. I grabbed a roll of this (in light grey) to use as a backdrop for future Dear Mushka photos, but I think it would also look wonderful on the back panel of a bookshelf or as an accent wall somewhere. It has a lot of visual depth and texture!

2. One of you sent this to me with a comment about so much sorrow & joy wrapped up, together. You were right-- what a beautiful song and video! Let's sing this into the Christmas season, shall we?

3. A short history on reformation day (which is also October 31st). "So today, on Reformation Day, we celebrate the the courage, strength, sacrifice and joy of those who went before us. The church transformed because of the reformers’ faithfulness to God’s word and the truth of the gospel."

4. As you read this, I'm (hopefully) on my way to Atlanta to pick out clothes with my friend who owns an online women's clothing shop. This little lounge set from her shop is in my suitcase-- so comfortable and sweet. 

5. This book has a permanent place next to my Bible, to lead me in prayer on mornings my mind isn't quite awake. They're beautiful and honest and draw me into the presence of God. 

Letter No. 189 | October 8

1. I picked up this beloved favorite the other day. If you haven't read it, what a beautiful memoir! 

2. I'm slowly changing out my beauty products for more clean options. I really love how this cleansing oil feels on my skin-- very refreshing. 

3. A super helpful podcast (with short episodes) for all the mothers out there. I've learned needed wisdom as I raise my sons, and also learned about girls, which has been healing as I reflect on my own childhood. Well done, team.

4. Russell Moore's views on Halloween. This was a needed article for me years ago and I've reflected on his ideas here multiple times. This isn't where everyone lands (totally okay!), but it's also okay for us to land here, too. 

5. My oldest (age 6) saved up his money to buy this and he loves it. Could make a great gift for a birthday or Christmas if you're looking for ideas :) 

Letter No. 188 | October 1

1.I haven't experienced a miscarriage, but so benefited from the wisdom and tenderness shared in these podcast episodes. I think all women walking this season of life should be prepared to love themselves or a friend well with a resource like this. 

2. Have you heard of these books? They're a way to introduce the concept of sex to children at an age appropriate level, starting at 3, so they'll never not know. We had to adjust the language slightly because our children are adopted, but they're a wonderful resource! (This is the listing for all four but you can also buy individually) 

3. October 31st is Reformation Day, named to honor Martin Luther and the freedom found in Christ alone through faith alone. Add a little church history to your conversations this month! Kids (and adults) are never to young (or old) to learn. 

4. Here's another book on our shelves this month. Our family enjoys picking pumpkins and dressing up on Halloween. This book has beautiful illustrations and sweet rhymes. Our kids will ask to read it again and again. 

5. You all often ask for links to specific items in our house and I can't ever find them (sorry!) But when one of our island pendant lights was knocked down (I'm not naming names) I had to hunt them down for a replacement. Here's the link! 

Letter No. 187 | September 24

1. Robert and I enjoy watching an episode of a show each night and we've loved this one! It's a wholesome (ish) reality show that has us chattering back and forth the whole time. We jumped in at season 6 because it's on Netflix, but are now off to find more. 

2. Robert recently bought himself one of these (we're probably really late to the game here) and declared it the best way to make steak at home. He's been using it almost daily for a super quick and easy meal option. Now my turn to try! 

3. Have you all heard of this book? I'm a little shocked I hadn't until recently. It's an allegory of the Christian Life... kind of like a feminine Pilgrim's Progress... and so beautifully written. I bought the pretty version but there's also a standard paperback available. I can't stop thinking about some of the imagery! 

4. A friend sent me this article after I shared my mom's story on Instagram last week. I encourage anyone touched by suicide/ suicidal thoughts to read it! 

5. I mentioned this book a year or two ago, but this week three of you reached out for the title. That felt like a good enough reason to share this tiny gem again. It's a great, basic resource! 

Letter No. 186 | September 17

1. This kids' Bible series is what has been missing from the market. Perfect for those in-between ages where a children's Bible isn't mature enough and a Youth Bible is too mature. Me and my six year old are thrilled about these! (If Amazon is sold out, you can purchase directly from their site here

2. I'm late to the game on this favorite among many Christians, but it was worth the wait. What an encouraging, thought-provoking read! It helped equip me to talk to non-believers and grow my faith roots even deeper. I think everyone should read this one! 

3. I didn't know I needed this until I used it once and saw the proof that I needed it. So satisfying and disgusting at once haha. Watch IG stories this week for a peek at me using it! 

4. One of you sent this my way and we've been humming it ever since. She also has a beautiful book with the same title. 

5. I decided to give this service a try on a favorite art print, and was really pleased with the results! I'll use them again for sure-- especially on a tricky-to-frame memento. 

Letter No. 185 | September 10

1. I've gotten into puzzling this year, after discovering this brand of puzzles. They're the perfect level of difficulty and have proved to be a great activity for my busy hands. My six year old is learning, too-- I see a sweet family hobby developing. 

2. I've linked this board before, but it's worth mentioning again because it's the only way I'm able to do a puzzle with little hands around. I slide the puzzle out in the evenings and then back under the couch during the day. It would also allow you to move from room to room! (Bonus: The drawers are really helpful for sorting!)

3. I grabbed this at the recommendation of a friend, and am now passing the five star review along to you. What a helpful series for diving deeper into God's word! These books are easy to read and broken up into digestible sections. I'm doing Galatians right now but look forward to doing others in the future. (Could also do with a group!)

4. I finished this book last weekend and can't stop thinking about it. I knew very little about the Rwandan Holocaust before I picked this up, and had my eyes opened wide. Her story puts my day to days into perspective and has me asking God a lot of questions, which can be a beautiful faith-building activity. Recommend! 

5. This shop created me the most beautiful custom wooden piece for my Dad to use in his upcoming wedding. I don't have a picture of it so watch Friday's Instagram stories (@dearmushka) to see the details! 

Letter No. 184 | September 3

1. (Pardon the one-track favorites this week. Homeschooling + launching our Fall line- yay!- is about all I have time to love this week.) I swapped out books on our boys' shelf and gave it a little Autumnal flair. This book is wonderful and will be a favorite in our house for a long time. 

2. I'm a big fan of this series and put the yellow one on the shelf for September. It just feels like Fall, and starts lots of fun conversations/ questions. 

3. Our family wants to rent an RV and travel the country when our kids get a little older. For now, we're reading about the adventures we may get to have! 

4. This has already inspired a few "tiny, perfect thing" missions. That's the mark of a good book, in my opinion! And lovely illustrations. 

5. And... a little decoration to atop the shelves. Light up the pumpkin candles, we're ready! 

Letter No. 183 | August 27

1. My boys absolutely love the tiny truths Bible-- we're so excited for this, too! I plan to read it at the dinner table for a little discussion. 

2. I also grabbed this to incorporate into our days. I may rotate it at the dinner table or bring it out randomly in our week. I think it would be fun to add to various homeschool lessons!

3. We have a dry erase calendar and these are a must. Bonus: My kids use them to trace letters in sheet protectors. 

4. My favorite workout shorts. They're much more cooling than long workout pants, but don't ride up like shorts. I wear the 5" and 7" 

5. On the menu for tonight. One of our favorites! 

Letter No. 182 | August 20

1. Our oldest turned six this week so we got him his first watch. It glows, can be worn in the pool, and has a fun timer on it, but no games. Victory!

2. I also grabbed this for a birthday party and it was a hit. There are so many ways to use the toy (chasing the rockets, hand eye coordination, aiming, etc) and I've seen ages 1-7 use it joyfully. That's a winner! 

3. I just saw this sweet board book collection. The illustrations are lovely and I like the retelling of so many classics.

4. I've had my eye on this rug for a while now, and finally added it to my office. Stunning in person! It's printed, which is great for under an office chair or low front door. 

5. On the menu for this week. Add some Caesar salad and we're set! 

Letter No. 181 | August 13

1. I needed to be able to give myself a manicure in just a few minutes so I tried this. It took less than five minutes total (like, until it was totally dry!) and lasted 4 days without a single chip. That's a win in my book! And this color is dreamy for Fall. 

2. Clearly I have a color trend right now ;) I rarely buy clothes from big stores, but I couldn't resist this hoodie (from the men's section!) 

3. If you know me, you know this print had me at hello. I'm currently carrying it around our house, trying to find the perfect spot. 

4. I bought this little prop for our photo shoot, but actually love leaving it out all the time. It would be adorable on a dresser or bathroom counter! 

5.  You actually have more time than you think to read through the Bible. (Infographics are so convicting aren't they? Ha!)

Letter No. 180 | August 6

1. I've been using these pens to write the first letter of each word in a verse I'm memorizing on my hand. The ink doesn't wash off right away, and has me meditation on scripture all day long! 

2. We just checked this out at the library-- what a precious story! It inspired my kids to dream about and sketch a treehouse for our yard. Any book that encourages creativity beyond the pages is a winner for me. 

3. Anyone else having fruit fly trouble this year? I tried out a few trapping methods-- I'll show you which I've been using on IG stories tomorrow. 

4. Our oldest is starting kindergarten in a few weeks and I decided he needed a desk to call his own. This one tucks into his room well. Now, to find a chair!

5. I began this at the beginning of the year, but had to set it down temporarily. Here I am, months later, loving it just as much as I did at the start. Beth beautifully follows the imagery of the vineyard through scripture. It has me praising God & wanting to grow grapes, both. 

Letter No. 179 | July 30

1. I've been doing a Barre workout at home, and kept slipping on our carpet. I grabbed a set of these and am impressed with how grippy they are! Plus, they make me feel like a real dancer haha

2. We're about begin teaching our oldest how to read and these little devices have already proven useful. They're durable & don't require a zillion letter pieces everywhere. Phew! 

3. The best addition our garage has ever seen. Not tripping over balls all day long and having all their equipment in one easy spot makes this well worth the money for our family. 

4. Perhaps the most life-changing book I've read this year. I am so grateful for Dr. Purvis' wisdom as I raise these boys the Lord has given me. (Note: This is specifically for children from hard places, but I think her methods can apply to all children). 

5. I'm setting our two older boys up with their own "art caddy" to pull out whenever the mood strikes. And then I'm praying for patience and joy as they make messes I'd rather not clean up ;) 

Letter No. 178 | July 23

1. I needed a new apple watch band and decided to try something different. This one was just $9 and has become a new favorite. It has a strong magnet closure and looks classy! 

2. When I asked homeschool moms for one product recommendation, this was the resounding answer. Done! 

3. If you have pets. This is a must. And it's fun to use! We're all wandering around the house, looking for a surface to de-fur haha. 

4. I just tried these and loved them! Every flavor gets a thumbs up from me. We'll be buying again and again! 


5. This journal is such a sweet, unique idea. It's for your children to fill up over the years, rather than gifting you store-bought cards. And I'm thinking it's an extra gift for your spouse who can just ask a child to fill out a page the morning of a holiday! Bonus: You can use code DEARMUSHKA15 for 15% off your order!

Letter No. 176 | July 16

1. I picked this up on a shelf at the beach condo we stayed in last week and couldn't put it down. The non-fiction story about the HeLa cells that have been studied and used for countless scientific discoveries... and the woman they came from. It was thought provoking for sure.

2. On the way to the beach, I (finally) had time to listen to lots of podcast episodes building up in my queue. So many episodes regarding progressive Christianity, LGBTQ relationships, and race critical theory on this podcast were so helpful for me to think through. I respect Alisa and am grateful for her wisdom! 

3. I decided to give Beauty Counter a real go this year after deciding the ingredients in my beauty products are dangerous, but also realizing that I don't have the time/ energy to research better options. I trust this company and have found some real winners, like this lightweight foundation!

4. And this sunscreen! The first mineral based sunscreen that has truly protected my skin for hours and looked good under makeup. I put it on my face and hands daily, but also used it out on the beach last week. They also have a tined one I'd like to try!

5. And lastly, this lipstick. I love a good lip color but don't want to feel it on my lips. This is lightweight, has peppermint in it (refreshing!), and lasts for half a day. I got Brunch! 

* You have to purchase Beauty Counter through a consultant so I signed up to be one for your ease of purchase. But rest assured, I'm not looking to build a team or make $$$ here. I was genuinely curious about the products and fell in love with these! 

Letter No. 175 | July 2

1. I've really enjoyed this free Summer mini course on cut flowers. A great way to learn a little! 

2. A new book for our July kid's bookshelves. Our boys love this invention, and I love how it empowers them to think they can be an inventor, too! 

3. Who else has been counting down for this?! We cannot wait. 

4. Our youngest has been living in this seat all Summer. We keep it outside for al fresco dinners and snack time. Rinse it off, go again. 

5. Perfect for under tanks and too-low arm holes! Really comfortable, too. 

Letter No. 174 | June 25

1. A short video on Biblical justice, from one of my favorite resources. 

2. Another great listen on race (around 17 min) from Veggie Tales creator, Phil Vischer. 

3. I've used this almost daily for a year (cheers to celery juice) and would buy it again in a heartbeat! Easy to use, easy to clean. Check! 

4. I just finished this book, in an effort to shove less feelings down ;) I feel like I've gained a tool to help me process instead of ignore. Cheers to that. 

5. I have learned so much from Jemar, and am glad his book on the church's role in racism was made into a Prime series. Episodes are about 20 minutes. I strongly encourage you to watch, learn, and challenge your past thinking! 

Letter No. 173 | June 18

1. A friend said this was her favorite children's book so we added it to our collection and yes, it's precious. My boys have requested it daily! 

2. An absolute favorite toy around here. We brought our bin to the beach to play with when we were inside and it kept all three boys entertained for hours. 

3. If you haven't watched this, it's a helpful and short video on systemic racism. I encourage you to watch it as a small but helpful step towards understanding and then fixing. 

4. This was perhaps the most personally challenging book I've read in regards to racism. It's a young adult novel that challenged my thinking on drug dealers, police brutality, protests/looting, etc. I had to do soul business while reading! It's also a movie on Netflix but of course, the book is better :) (warning: language)

5. This is one of my new favorite Instagram follows. Her artwork is lovely, and her soul is even more beautiful. She's a great, "soft" follow in this anti-racism work. 

Letter No. 171 · June 4

1. Our family has been doing anti-racism work for the last few years. I've read a lot of books, and think this one is a great place to begin. It answered so many of the questions I wasn't sure how to ask! 

2. We just bought this children's book to add to our collection. I think it would be a perfect one to read and discuss before kids go back to school in the Fall. Part of fighting against racism is teaching history correctly. 

3. We've accumulated enough beach toys to need a separate bag for them. This one seems perfect and is just $10.  

4. Best baby hack for the beach: bring a little blow up pool and plop them in it! (Also great for a backyard)

5. I could drink this all Summer! (and will...)

Letter No. 170 · May 28

1. A wonderful book about courage to add to your child's collection. We read this all Summer long! 

2. One of my kid's favorite toys ever. I can swing on it with my boys, and they can push themselves, too. If you have a tree to hang this from, I can't recommend it enough. 

3. Corn on the cob is a go-to for us when we invite people over during the Summer. I toss these in a bowl next to the butter and salt! 

4. On Monday, I shared about my Prayer Pages on Instagram. Here's the binder I keep them in. I've had it for years and it still looks brand new. 

5. A cover up with 50 SPF. Yes please! I grabbed one in black to take with us to the beach in a few weeks. 

Letter No. 169 · May 21

1. Grilling season is here and we couldn't do it without our grill basket. Fill with veggies and don't worry about them falling through the cracks! 

2. I've linked this Bible before, but with the recent talk of racism it felt important to bring up again. If you don't know where to start, look at the books in your home. Do they feature just one ethnicity? Are they written by just one type of person? This is a great one to add to your collection for little kids!

3. And here's a book I just added to my shelf. I've heard great things about it and know I'll learn so much. Can't wait to begin! 

4. My Loopy phone case finally bit the dust so I decided to try this (much cheaper) version that can attach to any case. Love it! The design is wonderful and allows me to carry my phone on a finger instead of in my hand. 

5. We've had this chair for five years, rotating from child's room to play room to living room, and it still looks good as new. My boys love rocking in it, and I love that it blends in to our decor. 


Letter No. 168 · May 14

1. My Dad's birthday is tomorrow and I've made him this cake for years. It's super moist and delicious! 

2. I just reorganized our medicine cabinet and used four of these to contain various kinds of treatments. It's working really well! 

3. We're considering getting chickens sometime soon(ish) and this book came highly recommended. Turns out, chickens love herbs... and I love to garden! I'm feeling equipped to begin (whenever we can get a coop worked on). 

4. My boys can spend a good hour cutting out and putting on tattoos. Best $5 I spend every few months!  

5. Speaking of kids and entertainment, it's almost vacation season. Here's a great car activity for younger kids! 

Letter No. 167 · May 7

1. This is helping me be a better baker! For the first time, I have even dough and it's making all the difference. (Hello, perfect sugar cookies!)

2. I showed this on my personal IG the other day and so many people had questions. It's such a helpful tool if you want to stick big stems in a vase without it all toppling over. Use over and over again!

3. I think I shared this years ago and it's still a favorite. Summer legs, we're ready for you! (A bottle lasts me so much longer than an old shaving canister used to.)

4. We have this rug in our master bedroom and accidentally grabbed another (from a different site) as a runner for our mudroom. It's just so good and such a chameleon in color. 

5. We have these lights hanging around our back patio; they're dreamy. LED and you're able to cut the cord if you don't need some of a strand just dangling down your wall. Win! 

Letter No. 166 · April 30

1. A toy that's both attractive and educational. My boys love to sit at the kitchen island and work on this as I make dinner!

2. A current read. I read this author's Lent book at Easter time and fell in love her writing; I knew another one needed to go on my list! 

3. We don't have a zillion essential oils, but we have enough that I'd like to keep them organized and available. I was so happy to see that they fit perfectly on a nail polish stand! 

4. Grilling season is here! Good, real salt goes a long way. Here's a favorite of ours!

5. Every Tuesday, Robert and I get takeout after we put our kids to bed and eat it on the couch. After ten years, my lap tray ripped so I replaced it with this one. Would also make a perfect breakfast in bed tray! 

Letter No. 165 · April 23

1. I decided to replace my 10 year old Old Navy flip flops with something more comfortable and landed on these. They aren't the most stylish, but are perfect for running around outside with my boys. Lot's of support and easy to clean.  

2. One of my favorite authors just came out with a new book. If it's half as good as her other two, it will be amazing. Can't wait to read, Sara! 

3. I showed this on Instagram last week and so many of you asked for the link so here it is! My favorite cookbook stand-- allows me to see two full pages, has a splatter proof cover, doesn't tip over. Check! 

4. I've also gotten lots of requests for this link again-- my noise canceling headphones. They have 27,000 five star reviews! 

5. If you want a flower garden or meadow without the tedious work, a wildflower bag might be perfect for you! It comes with a big mix of flower seeds that you sprinkle into the dirt and excitedly watch bloom over and over again. 

Letter No. 164 · April 16

1. If you don't have a set of these, do yourself a favor and grab a few. They making cooking & baking so much more enjoyable! 

2. This book came in the mail last week and I've already made a few recipes. It's beautiful (of course) and packed with recipes my children will eat. Double win. Today: pretzels! 

3. The first self-tanner I've used since college and it's wonderful! Quick + easy to apply, no orange streaks, no odor. These legs of mine are grateful. 

4. Oh! And you'll need a mitt. This one is inexpensive and easy to clean. 

5. My new favorite follow on Instagram. So much inspiration and beauty! 

Letter No. 163 · April 9

1. We had concert tickets for this Easter show next Monday, but it was obviously cancelled. Instead, we're blasting this record through the house. (It's on Spotify, too!)

2. With a new puppy in the house, I find myself turning on our diffuser pretty frequently. We have this one and love it. 

3. My youngest just turned one. He doesn't need a thing, but I couldn't resist one gift. Watching him pull this around on his wobbly legs is the sweetest :) 

4. I go back to this book every Easter week. It has devotions from all sorts of people in it and it always a challenge to my heart and mind. I think it would be great to read the rest of April (and years to come) as you continue to reflect so don't hesitate to grab it now. 

5. Tomorrow is Good Friday. Read this if you aren't sure why it's called that!

Letter No. 162- April 2

1. One of you sent me this show, and I'm so glad you did. It's the first multi-series show about the life of Christ and is now free through their app. I've only watched the first episode, but was definitely in tears at the end. 

2. Did you all see this? More tears. 

3. Wait, one more. During the shift change at an Atlanta hospital. Gosh, there is so much good in this broken world. 

4. We got a puppy last week! Robert did a ton of research on the best breed for our family and landed on this one. Loyal, protective, hard working-- It's basically him in dog form haha

5. I'm about to finish my first round through the NT this year, and decided to change up my second round. This commentary came highly recommended by some men and women I trust, I'm excited to dig in! 

Letter No. 161- March 26

1. So many kids are without food as schools shut down; here's a good place to donate during this time. 

2. We just started watching this show after so many of you recommended it. Thanks!

3. Staying home has us tackling all sorts of home project. One that's been on our list since moving in is hanging proper curtains in our bedroom. These were the winner- extra wide and room darkening! They aren't the cheapest, but they'll last forever and make the room. 

4. Another project we tackled was hanging wallpaper in our boys' bathroom. I ordered a small sample of this paper, too, and I'm wondering where to put it. Maybe in my office? It's even more lovely in person. 

5. I've been praying one of these every morning. So so good. 

Letter No. 160- March 19

1. I've probably share this app before, but it's one of my favorites. You take a photo of any plant/flower and it pulls up a few suggestions for it might be. I was using it all around the Biltmore gardens this past weekend! 

2.  Speaking of, here was one of my favorite new tree discoveries. I'm usually not a fan of magnolias, but this variety was so lovely. 

3. My favorite little kid shorts, and less that $5/pair! 

4. I just picked this up and it's wonderful (of course). I'm not sure how we'll use it yet, but I'd like to work towards family devotion time in the evenings.  

5.  Being home more means we might find ourselves with extra opportunities to mindlessly pick up our phones. Here are a few quick tips to help guide us. 



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