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Verse Memorization Tabs
Verse Memorization Tabs
Verse Memorization Tabs
Verse Memorization Tabs
Verse Memorization Tabs

Verse Memorization Tabs

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$ 19.00

"Why memorize it? Why not just read it carefully?" argued Susan, our Yale graduate. "Because what you memorize by heart, you take to heart," replied Dr. Nuttham simply. "Once you absorb the words, the words become your own. Then, and only then, can you mull them over on your tongue, appreciating them as you would good wine, enjoying them as the company of good friend. Besides, we always value something for which we've had to labor." Carolyn Webber in Surprised by Oxford

Memorizing scripture is how we take God's words and make them a part of our lives. It's how we think on them during our day and share them with others as needed. After all, from the overflow of the mouth the heart speaks! 

These Verse Memorization Tabs are how I memorize scripture. Grab a box, put these inside, and you're ready to begin! These tabs come with "how to use" sheet. You can also see our method for memorizing here (it only takes 5 minutes a day!)

Shop our verse cards to put inside your box here

Shop the best tins to put your tabs in here

· 41 4.5 x 6" tabs, bundled together in a protective sleeve and then tucked inside a cotton bag   

[ items are handmade and may take 2-5 days to prepare; we'll ship out as soon as possible! just in case your purchase is a gift, an e-mail receipt will be sent rather than a paper receipt tucked inside your package. ]

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