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In the Bible, we see that adoption was never God’s Plan B-- It was always God's Plan A.  God’s purpose has always been to adopt a people for himself. He is an adoptive Father & the church is an adoptive family of brothers and sisters.

So for Christians, the process of earthly adoption must be grounded in the reality of our heavenly adoption. We’ve been adopted by God, and nothing in us merited it. We can take no credit. God chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world; in love he predestined us for adoption (Eph. 1:3–5).

This perspective should produce humility in every child of God—and transform how we go about the process of earthly adoption.

Jesus told his disciples, “I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you” (John 14:18). We’re not superior to the orphan, the widow, or the stranger. No, in the gospel we are the orphan, and God has adopted us; we are the widow, and Jesus has become our groom; we are the stranger with no homeland, and we have inherited the kingdom.

Ultimately, orphan care is about reflecting the heart of the gospel. And we do all of this as an act of honor to Jesus, who has loved us and come for us. Why do we care for orphans in their affliction? Because God has cared for us in our affliction. He has made us his sons and daughters.

Not all of us are called to adopt or foster children. Some of us are called to finances other's adoptions, to provide meals for foster parents, to be a voice for the voiceless, to educate others on orphan care, etc. 

If you feel led to care for orphans by helping us bring a third child home, we'd be so honored!

We are calling it Adopt an Envelope.

How it Works: 

1. You choose an "envelope" from 1-200. Scroll down to our list of envelope numbers to make sure yours is still available, first. 

2. Donate the amount on your envelope. For example, if you choose envelope 76, you donate $76. We'd love to leave the smallest envelopes (1-10) for children to contribute to if they want. 

TIP: Can't adopt a larger envelope yourself? Join hands with a small group, extended family, Sunday school class, etc to go in together 

3. We'll write your name on the actual envelope we have and put it in a box for this little one to have forever.  

4. The site you're donating through (Adopt Together) to will send our adoption agency a final check to cover some of the costs. We won't ever touch your money personally. 

5. You receive a tax write-off for your donation 

6. Accept this virtual high five and kiss on the cheek from us. We're so grateful! 

If every envelope is claimed, we'll have covered $20k of the expenses, and this our child will forever know how many people sacrificed to bring him or her home. 

All our love, 

Katie, Robert, Brooks, and Maddox