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Home Tour: Playroom, Mudroom, and Studio

We moved into our home Summer 2018, after renovating its (very poorly) flipped rooms. The house is quirky in imperfect- a true 1970's ranch home- and it's exactly what this growing family wanted. 

I don't have great before pictures (drats!) but here's one from what is now our playroom. We wanted to keep the built-ins, but they were actually falling off the walls. The other side of the room had cork walls, so we took those down and added two closets. 

The unglamorous side of renovating: discovering the mold and water damage hidden behind poor flip jobs. 

But here's this space now! Scooters no longer allowed inside ;) 

Wall color: Requisite Grey by Sherwin Williams

Map: Gathre

Bench: Handmade

Blocks: Melissa & Doug (a beloved toy in our home)

Rug: Rugs USA

Basket: TJ Maxx

Trampoline (not pictured, but mentioned in my IG story- we LOVE this thing)

Curtains: Hearth & Hand. They still need to be hemmed & steamed, but well worth buying the 95" length. 

Shelves: IKEA

Books: Maps, How To, Stuck, Julia Child, The Gardeners, Jabari Jumps, Up in the Garden, Who Sang the First Song

Ottoman: Goodwill

Couch: Sprintz (no longer available)

Rug: Rugs USA

The boys were gifted this kitchen last Christmas and play with it almost every day!

Kitchen: Hearth & Hand (sold out at Target, available here)

These bins make organizing the toys easy and doable. Even my two year old knows how to pulls balls in the ball bin, trucks in the truck bin, etc. And the best part is that they're only a few dollars each. 

Lots of sizes available here.

What was once the laundry room is now Robert's office. It isn't done yet so no photo here, but you can see it in the background of the one below. 

Wall Color: Homburg Grey by Sherwin Williams (proof that you should test every color in your home before you paint; this reads more teal in our home than online; I love it)

Runner: Anthropologie

Sign: Smallwoods


This isn't a great before picture of our mudroom space; it was actually an open breezeway when we bought the house! Here it is with drywall, tile, and a door. 

We painted the original outdoor brick (Snowbound by Sherwin Williams) and made it our laundry room. All our outdoor doors are painted Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams (seen a tiny bit in the photo). 

We still need to cover up all those laundry connections. Ahh, the never ending to-do list :)

Laundry Bins: Amazon

Drying Rack: Amazon

Sink: Wayfair (can't find the link, sorry!)

Here's a very messy photo to show you how this mudroom really functions. We each have a "cubby" for jackets, purses, hats, etc. All our boys shoes and socks stay in their baskets; Robert and I keep some shoes in our closet, but our most worn ones are here. We have a no-shoes-in-the-house policy so they usually don't come past this point. 

We also don't have a garage space so strollers, chalk, helmets, etc end up here. 

The bottom of this cabinet has our cat's litter box in it. If you're building/ renovating a home try to think about details like that. It makes all the difference!

To the right of this photo heads into our house; to the left of this photo heads into our garage-turned-studio! 

When we moved into this house we knew Dear Mushka could function out of our garage for a time while we figured out her long-term home. We're about at max capacity, but it's working for now. 

Most of the white furniture is from Ikea. The table is old from World Market. Orders get packaged there!

The rug is from Rugs USA. The black shelves are old from Wal-Mart. 


I'll be back soon with the rest of our house!