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How to Organize & Store Jewelry

I'm frequently asked how I organize my personal collection of jewelry, so I thought I'd roundup some stands that I love!

What I love about this general design is that you have an organized place for each kind of jewelry type, and in a relatively small footprint. There's a place for various necklace lengths (30", 18", and 16") as well as a place for rings and bracelets, and the bottom for earrings.

It isn't hard for me to quickly grab what I need and put it back right where it goes to prevent tangling. 

1. This is the one I own and use every daily. I love the concrete bottom, which is heavy enough to keep me from knocking it over, and the beautiful rose gold color. So feminine! It also comes in silver and marble if you prefer that look. 


2. The one above happens to come with a matching piece that I own, too. I've tucked nicer pieces of jewelry in here that I don't wear as often.

This combo is heavy and solid- I've used it for almost ten years and it's still going strong. 


3. This is another cute option. It comes in three color ways and has holes for earrings if you thought you might take the time to use them. Otherwise, you could just hang dangles over the bar and put studs on the bottom tray. 

I like that this one has an extendable top rack. 


4. This is made by the same brand as the one I use, but is less expensive and a little more of a simple design. I'd worry my stud earrings would roll around (perhaps that's just a problem with little kids about), but you could put a little ring tray on the bottom to store those in. 

5. Here's a sleek black option (also comes in gold). The top rack isn't quite as tall as others so be aware of how much hight you need.