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How To Read Through Psalms

Here’s how I read through the Psalms using the Crayola Twistables. I love using them as they are color pencils you’re able to erase! This is the only section of my Bible where I color code. Sometimes I might make little notes to the side like a journal, but I’m not using this for the purpose of making my Bible look beautiful or to decorate it.

If you’d like to see the video sharing this Bible study process, you can find it saved here on my IG highlights.

I color code the Psalms so that I’m easily able to open my Bible and find whatever my heart needs quickly! It’s wonderful to be able to open your Bible and get what you need without having to read through the whole Psalm during times of need. Here’s my color code key for reference:


Distress, low times, suffering, etc. For when I’m needing to see how God has helped and answered others during these times.


Shows me God’s character. It’s incredible to open your Bible and see these highlighted, it’s like balm for the soul.


Words I want to pray. Obviously the Psalms are the prayer books of the Bible, but some of them are more clear and I color them to repeat over and over again. I also copy these words into my prayer notebook or scribble them on post-its around the house.


I use pink to depict me and God’s people. Usually together with the orange color coded sections I find ways in which we should act in light of God’s character. This has helped me start to see themes and how it’s a lot of thanking and telling others!

I hope this inspires you to share God’s goodness and power and mighty acts with anyone. I am so honored to get to do it with you!

Today I challenge you to read through Psalm 145, pray back a verse or two with God. Meditate on His truth and write down His good works in your life. Then share them with someone!

Here is the study Bible I’ve been using for 15 years: ESV Reformation Study Bible