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How We Sabbath

Last year, we started incorporating a family Sabbath day into our week. I don't think the how details matter nearly as much as the why details, but I also know it can be helpful to learn from others so after a little trial and error...

Here are a few things that work for us:

•We do our Sabbath from Friday night to Saturday night, starting with the lighting of a special candle. (Doing it on these days allows us to linger in our home Saturday morning and freely use Sunday afternoon to prep for the week ahead.)

•We eat pizza and salad and then snuggle up for family movie night. We all look forward to this!

•We eat cinnamon rolls (or something equally decadent) for breakfast and stay in pajamas as long as possible.

•I usually abstain from Dear Mushka work, social media, & tedious home projects. Just knowing it's off the table brings peace to my soul.

•Our kids don't have to do school work or a daily home chore (the other days of the week they have a specific area of the house to help clean).

•Saturday night, we often have friends over, enjoy a bonfire, or go out on a date— something that feels different than the other days.

•We frequently thank God, aloud, for giving us current rest + rest for eternity through Chist. Just speaking about the Sabbath often keeps us in a spirit of worship.

Of course, details will ebb and flow as the months pass, but for now this has become such an anticipated rhythm in our home. Many of our actions look similar to other days, but my soul recognizes this as a day of rest, gifted from God. And our children are learning, too!

Here are a few books I recommend if you're looking to begin this practice: 

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry

Sacred Rhythms


Here are a few products I use on this day: 


My Daily Bread Tabs & Prayer Cards- because more than anything, I want this to be a day to communte with the Lord