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Quiet Time as a Christian Mother with a Newborn

I’ve previously talked about my quiet time with God and how I memorize scripture but this looks difference when you have a newborn baby, of course.

I personally thrive with structure and am a very organized person, this is how I normally do things, but a newborn changes it all! You’re exhausted, can’t process what you’re reading, your arms are always full and you’re just extra busy.

4 things I do during this season with a newborn:

Grace Grace Grace

The first thing I do is give myself grace. The first 6-8 weeks with a newborn I expect very little from myself in all areas of life. My routines and life in general looks very different. After that initial 8 weeks the baby gets their days and nights pretty much figured out - usually! My boys usually had a 7pm bedtime by then which changes everything.

For those first 8 weeks with a newborn just know it’s okay if this time looks very different than how you want it to look or to how it looked before. Give yourself grace!

I feel like this time helps you establish a dependence of the Lord which is so crucial to motherhood! Even if all you’re saying is help. This quiet time is not the goal - a relationship with God is the goal. Use this season to humble yourself and come to the throne of grace.


Use this time to pray. It’s a wonderful way to use your time when you can’t do much else. Often I’m just stuck in a chair knowing that if I move Cru will wake up, so there I am just sitting by myself. I use this time to pray.

My thought wander more than normal because I’m tired but it always deepens my prayer. I’ve talked about prayer a lot in my IG Highlights but one thing that helps me is having a prayer topic for every day of the week.

You could just take a post-it note and write something quickly: Monday - Children; Tuesday - Spouse; Wednesday - Friends; etc. Whatever the focus in your life is. It does not need to be fancy.  You just need the reminders to help you focus your thoughts for prayer when you’re pacing a room at 2am.

Stick to your Bible reading plan as best you can

Again, give yourself grace with this and do the best you can. I’m currently reading through the Bible chronologically and during this season I’ll usually just pull it up on my phone or listen. I’ve also missed many days and just skip them so I don’t feel overwhelmed to catch up.

I trust that His words are getting rooted in me even when I’m not putting a lot of study behind them. Isaiah 55:11 says God’s words don’t go out void. So growth can happen even when we’re foggy as we read!

I also enjoy praying John Piper’s IOUS before I read my Bible and praying for God’s help before reading is crucial for me.

Memorize or Meditate

I also use this time to memorize scripture or meditate on a passage or chapter or verse. Whatever it looks like for you! It’s a good way to use your quiet time and I’ve memorized on chapter with each of my newborns! I’m currently working on Psalm 34 with baby Cru.

Focusing my thoughts here is hard, but it’s so beneficial. It may be the only time in the word I get and I need that! You can also choose to get meditate and repeat one verse for your newborn season.

One verse that has been such a comfort to me during this time is paired with our Servant Necklace and it reflects that idea that I can serve because of Jesus’ example and the power of the Holy Spirit. I wear this necklace daily during this season to serve as a reminder and have the corresponding verse card taped to my bathroom.

I hope these were helpful reminders and that you know that you are not alone. The newborn season is hard! Remember that this is a short season and that in 8 weeks things will begin looking differently again.