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For those of you headed back to school or loving a sweet girl who is, consider a little something to help start the year off right! 

1. The Parallel Cuff-- for when the right path feels confusing

2. The Harvest Necklace -- for when it all feels exhausting and you may want to quit

3. The Path Necklace-- a reminder that He'll lead you exactly where you need to go

4. The Promise Pack-- for a weekly reminder in His goodness & truth [would also make a fun postcard every week to a daughter away at school!]

5. An Art Print-- for a little style & truth in a dorm room!

6. The Commissioned Keychain-- for car/room keys and for a heart's reminder to stay on mission

7. The Aim Necklace-- so your mind and soul remember where to put their real focus and effort

8. The Poise Earrings-- because these are the qualities we really want to have and share

9. The Hope Necklace -- a reminder that He has beautiful, holy plans in store

10. A Gift Card-- because sometimes it's just a really fun pick-me-up to shop a little