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The Motivation You Need To Read Your Bible Every Day

My life is busy and stressful just like yours with three children (one being a newborn) so I often show myself reading my Bible in the morning to encourage you to do the same. I have decided that it is a priority and the most important thing in my life to spend time with the Lord!

I love knowing that we, as Sisters, are all joining together all around the world and are opening up the exact same Book to read and learn from and guide our lives by.

I’ve learned that when I am not reading scripture it is almost always because I have decided that it is not important for that day, for that season. Sometimes this is a conscious or subconscious decision that we are too busy to pursue God.

We think we can do our lives with the Words He has given.

It’s easy to think that we don’t believe or think this to be true, but our actions say something different when we aren’t prioritizing scripture.

What I love about the way that God describes His Word is when He compares it to bread and living water! When we don’t eat, we’re okay for a little while and then … hangry. Eating food or drinking water changes everything and God’s Word is even more important than it.

Jesus even says that Man shall not live by bread (food) alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God. This is how important it is!

I think that one of the reasons we don’t treat God’s Word as if it’s important is because we treat the Bible as if it’s a book about ourselves and when we do this it always ends up lacking power and meaning when we think that it’s for our own answers. It is, first, a book about GOD!

Learning about our Creator and Saviour is far more interesting and captivating, I promise. He is so good and big and incredible! We store up goodness for our hearts and minds when we read about the Lord instead of thinking it to be all about us. Finding characteristics of God to cling to has made ALL the difference in my mindset and joy.

Bathe yourself in the truth of God’s character that we see and trust from scripture. Our most important job as Christians is to remember it - which is why I keep coming back to the Word because without it I forget!

Remember who God is. Remember what He’s done. Remember that He loves us and remember to share His goodness through reading your Bible daily.

If I’m not re-reading regularly, the things I need to remember will trickle to the back of my mind and current trials will slip to the front.

This is why I read my Bible every morning. My challenge for you is to dig into your why. If you have a real obstacle where maybe you’re chronically ill or unable to read for whatever reason perhaps you can listen or have someone read to you. For the rest of us, we’re probably just busy and can find time to prioritize the Lord through His word.

Set aside time tomorrow to pursue God. Start in Genesis, Psalms or even Matthew. Write down who God is! Think about what you have written and pray thanksgiving for Him. That’s how we feel God’s presence!