· The Together Necklace here -- for birth mothers & adoptive mothers

· A piece from the No. 139 Birthstone collection here -- add one or multiple birthstones

· The Blessed Tee here-- a cozy, everyday option for a mama bear

· The Brimming Necklace here-- a great option for someone experiencing motherhood after years of waiting

· The Carried Cuff here -- a shop bestseller, for sure! 

· The Called Necklace here -- add one initial or multiple!

· The Cheer Necklace here -- it really works!

· The Harvest Necklace here -- available in lots of colors with a wonderful reminder

· The Quiver Necklace here -- for each of your arrows

· The Held Bracelet here -- an always needed reminder

· A Promise Pack here -- perfect for putting up all around the house to keep your eyes on truth



· A Promise Pack here -- truth for them to put on their desks and in their cars

· The Precious Tee here-- because they absolutely believe these lyrics

· The Gentleness Necklace here -- with a thank you note for being so gentle and kind with your child

· The Cheer Necklace here -- because it really works to get those children's attention!

· The Harvest Necklace here -- available in lots of colors with a wonderful reminder

· The Carried Cuff here -- a shop bestseller, for sure, and our personal go-to

· The Held Bracelet here -- beautiful and meaningful 

· The Goodness Studs here -- because raising children is absolutely a good work

· The Commissioned Keychain here -- for their room keys!



· The Aid Necklace here -- created especially for when a loved one or unborn child dies

· The Conqueror Necklace here -- because we need this reminder when we, otherwise, feel like we're sinking

· The Expectant Necklace here -- created especially for someone walking through infertility 

· A piece from the No. 139 Birthstone collection here -- to remember a meaningful birthday month

· A 2 Cor 12:9 Art Print here -- because this verse is always helpful, but esp when we're sitting in the hard 

· The Called Necklace here -- to keep the initials of those you love close

· A Promise Pack here -- for when opening the Bible just feels like too much work, verse to place around a home

· The Net Necklace here -- a reminder to cast your anxieties on the Lord

· The Among Necklace here -- because He is with us, let's not forget

· The Good Thing Necklace here -- a reminder that no good thing is withheld from us, even when it doesn't feel true

· The Laden Necklace here -- a call to lay your heavy burden down

· The Perspective Necklace here -- because it will all work together, for your good and his glory

· The Plume Necklace here -- a reminder of who is over us

· The Assist Necklace here -- when you feel alone and need help 



· The Parallel Cuff here -- a personal favorite, this verse has helped me time and time again

· The Ambassador Necklace here -- because you are chosen & on mission

· The Vision Cuff here -- keep your eyes on God

· The Hope Necklace here -- a well-known verse than never gets old

· The Path Necklace here -- yes, yes, yes!

· The Joy Necklace here - when you forget where true and lasting joy comes from

· The Aim Necklace here -- to help remind you where your focus should always stay

· A Phil 4:8 Art Print here -- to direct your thoughts 



· The Seed Studs here -- hear, retain, and persevere, sister

· The Hatch Necklace here -- a beautiful piece for a new believer / baptism day!

· A Promise Pack here -- so that scripture is at the front of your mind and heart

· The Honey Necklace here -- a reminder than getting in the word is always of utmost value

· The Fruit of the Spirit Print here -- to keep our hearts focused on what matters most

· The Daughter Studs here -- because knowing you can run to God with confidence will change your soul

· But First Pray Tee here -- a reminder to start your morning with what matters most

· Psalm 103:8 Print here -- because focusing on God's character is sure to change ours



·Promise Pack here -- so that scripture is at the front of your mind and heart

· A Candle here -- because we should leave a lingering aroma of Christ

· A Citizen Sweatshirt here -- a dear reminder that this world is not our home

· The Kinship Necklace here -- because our hearts always need this truth

· The Clothed Cuff here -- a reminder to put on what matters most

· The Poise Earrings here -- because these characteristics never go out of style

· The Encounter Necklace here -- a call to pray because He listens, sister!

· The Called Necklace here -- a way to wear the letters of those you love most, close

· The Salt Necklace here -- a help as you control your tongue and use your words to bring life

· The Staff Necklace here -- because this psalm never gets old 

· The Essential Necklace here -- as it says, focus on the essentials

· The Verb Necklace here -- when you need your next steps 

· The Commissioned Keychain here -- for your keys, a reminder to live on mission

· A Tee here -- they're all good, in our [totally biased] opinion

· The Daughter Studs here -- our personal go-tos for a bit of extra color 

· Eclipsed Lg here -- our no. 1 best seller for a reason



· A Bracelet here -- because their hands holding flowers will be in pictures and a little extra sparkle there looks beautiful 

· A Pearl Necklace here or here -- a forever classic

· The Called Necklace here -- stamp their initial for a custom treat

· The Poise Earrings here -- feminine and beautiful and a lovely verse for friendship

· The Hatch Earrings here -- lovely & sparkly

·The Harvest Necklace here - choose the color that looks best with your dresses!

· Special Packaging here -- because a friend absolutely loves at all times



· A Gift Card here -- let your people pick out what's most speaking to their heart

· Hand Creme here -- because one size fits all & it feels lovely!

· A Promise Pack here -- it's always, always a winner to gift pretty verse cards

· An Art Print here here -- only $15!

· The Goodness Studs here -- available in gold or silver, & beautiful for everyday 

· A Chain Extender here -- great for adding 2-3" 

· One of our bestsellers here and here and here


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