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Capsule Wardrobe: How it's changed for me over the years

People capsule wardrobe for multiple reasons. Here are a few:

1. "Paralysis by Analysis"--meaning you have so many clothes, you feel paralyzed by the decision of what to wear. Instead of easily finding something you feel good in, you hem and haw over the decision and waste precious time and energy. 

2. Limited Resources-- Your closet or wallet is only so big, you need to limit what you spend money on and bring into your home. 

3. Or my reason... sin!

I've been "capsule wardrobing" for a few years now. Originally, I began doing it because I recognized an addiction I'd formed to new clothes. When I was sad, I'd peruse Target and toss a new pair of pants into my cart. When I was stressed or procrastinating, I'd do a little online shopping and joyously await my packages' arrival a few days later. 

New clothes aren't sinful, but my reason for shopping was; I had replaced peace from the Lord with temporary peace from the emotional high shopping brought. I began to call it like it was: idolatry. 

(Perhaps for you, this looks more like the sin of vanity or poor stewardship? Something to consider!)

For the last few years, I've limited my clothes shopping window to the first two weeks at the beginning of a new season (obviously with a little flexibility). 

Spring: March 1-15

Summer: June 1-15

Fall: September 1-15

Winter: December 1-15

This year, however, I sensed that God was calling me to a different focus. Instead of capsuling when I shopped, I'm capsuling the amount of pieces I purchase with the goal of becoming a more generous giver to those in need. This is something the Lord has been working in my heart for awhile now, and clothes happen to be the next step :) 

FAQs from you all:

Q: Why not limit the amount of money you spend on clothes?

A: I don't want to be tempted to buy a lesser quality of clothing at the expense of supporting an ethical brand or simply a piece that will last longer than one year. 

Q: So how many pieces will you buy this year? 

A: I think I've landed on twelve- one a month. This does not include anything gifted by someone else or traded (a perk of having a small business).

Q: Do you capsule your kids' clothes?

A: Yes and no. I try to buy any clothes my children will need for the upcoming season all at one time so I don't feel the need to constantly look for other clothes/ shop tempting sales/ etc. But I also recognize that kids outgrow or ruin clothes more easily than I do; If I need to shop, I will. 

Q: Where do you shop? 

A: Almost all my clothes from my favorite online boutique August Cloth. The founder is a dear friend of mine, and operates her company with such dignity and grace.

Q: How will you decide what to buy?

A: I recently heard that we wear most of our clothes roughly 7 times before removing them from our closets. Only seven! Someone suggested purchasing clothes you imagine you'll wear at least thirty times (except for special occasion pieces), which felt reasonable and difficult at the same time. I'm going into it with this thought!  

Q: How do you keep from being bored with your wardrobe?

A: For me, this is a heart issue. If I feel the need to purchase more clothes because I'm bored, I need to reevaluate what brings me joy. Of course, I'm also not saying I can't buy anything new this year; just not an endless amount of new items. Glancing at Pinterest or a similar site could help inspire new outfits with pieces I already own.