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Christmas Tree Traditions for the Family

We’ve just set up the Christmas Tree in our home as the holiday season approaches - the busiest time of year here at Dear Mushka. So we’re celebrating and sharing a few of our traditions for this special night!

First up, we make chicken spaghetti for dinner. The peppers look festive and I can make it early and just bake it later. I like Pioneer Woman’s recipe because it doesn’t have velveeta in it.

We decorate our Christmas Trees and rotate between the kids for who gets to put the star on top (just like I did growing up) and hang ornaments that focus on Jesus.

We also talk about how God gives the best gifts and asks us to partner with Him to care for those in need. We make choices as a family with whom to partner and share with at this time of year, and I cry every time.

Tonight, we decided to partner with YOU all to make some of these things happen! You donate and we’ll match every dollar with our own donation. You can help us fund a Sex Trafficking Rescue Operation HERE

Our traditions focus on setting the mood of anticipating Jesus and what He means to us. We put up a few trees around the house and watch a Christmas movie on the couch. Super simple and Christ-focused. 

The Thrill of Hope sweatshirt is also here and it is the perfect cozy sweatshirt just in time for Christmas and this holiday season! I’ve been wearing it all day and it was perfect to get into the Christmas spirit while setting up the Christmas tree.

It’s naturally oversized and oh-so-snuggly. I even got two compliments at Target while wearing it and I'm sure they will sell out soon, so get yours in time for December.