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October Best Sellers: Your Favorites from the Month!
10. The Eclipsed Lg. Necklace- A beautiful statement necklace, reflective of Jeremiah 33:3 (Bonus: Tuck a photo inside!)

9. The Adorn Hair Tie- An inexpensive pop of color (and excuse to wear your hair up) 

8. The Shell Earrings- They're back in stock and we couldn't be more excited!

7. The Daughter Earrings- One of my all time favorites and a lovely everyday pair of earrings

6. The Aid Necklace- My pick as you or a dear friend mourns a miscarriage or loss

5. The Companion Bracelets- Grown up BFF bracelets! If you don't have a set yet, what are you waiting for? 

4. The Guard Necklace- One of my most worn pieces lately! The imagery has be constantly praying + offering up thanksgiving. 

3. The Aroma Candle- New to the shop, and a beautiful reminder that we're the aroma of Christ

2. The Promise Pack- I use this every single morning, and have more scattered around my house so that God's words are always front and center in my mind!

1. The Verse Memorization Tabs- I use these to memorize scripture and can't recommend them more. The product listing also has a how-to blog post if you're unsure how to use them! 

Thank you for being here and supporting Dear Mushka!! xx,Katie