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An Easy System for Daily Prayer

If praying out loud or making sure you do it daily feels paralyzing and overwhelming, I'm sharing my daily prayer system with you! 

I would never tell somebody that this is the system that everyone should use or that you have to pray in this way, God has made us all differently and we all have different tendencies. What I will say is that everyone should be praying. If you are a daughter of the King and a believer, prayer is for you!

Prayer should be part of your every day, just as talking to your husband or best friend is. It should be a vital tool and present practice that forms part of your daily routine.

Prayer isn't the *way* to salvation, but it is part of the fruit that comes when you’re a believer. When your faith is real, you long to talk to your Father and Savior.

I know that many of you want to pray and know how important it is, but you simply don’t know how or what to say and need a little guidance. It can feel paralyzing which is why I created the Dear Mushka prayer pages. If you’re Type-A, love organization and structure like me then this system is so doable for you. It is one I use daily!

It is the perfect prayer rhythm and consists of nine sheets. The Prayer Pages come with:

An in-depth lesson on how and why to pray

A daily prayer sheet:
My daily prayers include the Lord’s Prayer, a prayer for a special friend and my boys’ salvation.

Six weekday sheets:
I choose to dedicate certain days of the week to praying for Dear Mushka, my husband and marriage, etc.

Extra category sheets:
These sheets are dedicated to prayer for dearest ones and family; friends; yourself and those in need of salvation. I’ve broken down the categories so you can pray for just one or two a day.

A Prayer Verses sheet:
You can choose to pray a specific verse for each season, year, month - however you choose to organise it!

I pray out loud every morning for 10-15 minutes and this system keeps me focused. I also pray in my head all day but using this systems helps me I know I’ve covered all of my people and topics weekly. You can learn more about how I pray out loud in this post.

There are other systems similar to this one but I love that these sheets aren’t in a notebook so I can take them out, reprint and adapt it as I see fit. These are perfect to begin using for the new year and for January 2020 which is only a few weeks away.

It's okay to just read the words or sentences you’ve written on these prayer sheets. I don’t write out long prayers here either.

Can you commit to praying five minutes a day? I guarantee you’ll see a change in your life! We have to spend time with the Lord to receive the joy and peace that only He can bring.

This is a digital product that gets sent straight to your inbox for you to download and print as many times as you want. Place them in a binder and you’ll have it all ready for your everyday routine.