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Prayer Resources

I think praying out loud helps remind you who you're talking to and allows you to stay focused instead of drifting off into grocery list land (you know?)

A wise mentor once encouraged me to start with 5 minutes of out loud praying and add just a minute to that every year. I'm up to 9 minutes now and it's been such a blessing in my life!

Here are some resources to get you started. 

I created these Prayer Sheets as a way to organize my days and keep me from feeling overwhelmed with what I'm praying for everyday. Basically, I pray for one topic on Monday, another on Tuesday, etc.

They're a digital download, which means you can print them from home over and over again as you need. I change mine out quarterly, but you could use the same ones for a whole year.  They come with a how-to-use sheet to guide you through the (easy!) process. 

I keep mine in this binder. 

I pray for my husband and children every day. Sometimes, I pray my own prayers and other times I used words from others like this and this (or this) and this. Just copy and paste to a word document and change out the names to fit your needs. 

You could also pray out of books like the following: (Click each photo for a direct link)