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Bags for those in Need

This year, our family put together 24 bags for people-in-need we pass on the side of the road. Our plan is to keep them in the car, ready to go at a moment's notice, so we don't miss an opportunity to serve someone. 

I read multiple articles on best inclusions and came up with these ten items to put in a gallon sized bag:

1. A toothbrush. These came to $.49/piece

2. Toothpaste $.87/piece

3. Hand warmers if you're doing this during the Winter $.65/piece

4. Socks (the most requested item-- don't go the cheap route here) $1.94/pair

5. Packets of tuna $.98/pouch

6. Plastic water bottle $.10/bottle

7. Peanut Butter Crackers $.40/pack

8. Nail Clippers $.37/piece

9. Individually wrapped wipes $.16/wipe

10. Kind hand written note that conveys God's love and their humanity. 

If you included one of each item, these bags would come to around $6.00/piece. That feels incredibly doable! Additionally, you could include more of each item or money/ gift cards to places like McDonalds.