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Christian Reminders for the Holidays

It dawned upon me the other day that Thanksgiving and Christmas are almost here after receiving a text from my mother-in-law asking where we’d be staying and what we’d be bringing for the holidays.

For many of us the holidays are are really good time, we’ll be around family who are very easy to love and get along with. But for a lot of us we’ll be around family who present challenges or perhaps, like me, you just don’t interact with them very often.

It got me thinking that now could be the perfect time to begin praying for a guarded mouth and get ready to share truth and encouragement. We should aim to have a heart that is careful of what we’re saying and to make sure that we are loving of others.

Holidays are a beautiful opportunity to share the truth that guides our every day and what better way to remember than through Dear Mushka treasures.

As I put on the Salt Necklace this morning, I reflected on how it is the perfect piece as we enter the holiday season. It comes packaged with a Colossians 4:6 verse card to remind us to season our conversations with salt.

During the time when Paul wrote Colossians, salt was incredibly valuable and traded like money. I love that image because this is so true for our words today - they are so valuable.

Our words can provide flavor and seasoning to every day moments and conversations. Let them carry the taste of Christ! Wear this verse as a beautiful reminder as we enter the holiday season.

I wear the Today Earrings all of the time and they remind us to mark our words with rejoicing. I want us to be women who are marked by a constant spirit of rejoicing whether that be in our words, our hearts or our minds.

The Complete Necklace is also a special occasion piece and comes paired with James 1:2-4. The idea is that our suffering weaves together to make something beautiful, the holes on their own are hardships but God uses it to create beauty that wouldn’t be there otherwise.

A beautiful reminder as we head into the end of this year, to tell other’s about God’s goodness even through our hardships and learn to count it all as joy.

The Cheer Keychain paired with Ephesians 4:29 is the perfect piece for heading out of your house with the reminder that your words should be encouraging, always. An added bonus is that the whistle actually works! A great reminder not to “blow out” your words.

I hope these pieces serve you and others well as you head into this holiday season and remind you to love well on your people with Christ in mind.