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Necklaces for Layering

We have over 40 short necklaces at different lengths that are perfect for creating that layered look! I’m sharing some pieces today that make a great combo for wearing together for modern and stylish adornment.

The Ambassador Necklace

The Ambassador Necklace is our only choker necklace that fits snug around your neck. The Kinship Necklace is another option but it hits slightly lower and isn’t technically a choker as it’s looser than the ambassador.

The Salt Necklace

The Salt Necklace is a 16” piece that has a genuine druzy pendant in white. A 16” necklace hits me above my collarbone but this can differ depending on what you’re wearing.

Some of my other favorites in this length include: The Enduring Necklace and The Aid Necklace.

The Encounter Necklace

The Encounter Necklace is one I wear at least once a week, it makes a great prayer piece and hangs at 18”. Our 18” necklaces are the most common length for our Dear Mushka pieces.

My favorites for layering include the Honey Necklace and the Knot Necklace.

The Honey Necklace is one of my favorite Dear Mushka pieces with its golden pendant that shines.

The Twinkle Necklace

The Twinkle Necklace is my favorite layering necklace because the chain is different - it doesn’t tangle with other pieces! This one makes a great gift, especially if somebody has some of our other jewelry already because it just goes with everything.