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Dear Mushka is Six: Here's a Walk Down Memory Lane

We're celebrating Dear Mushka's sixth birthday this week and I thought it would be fun to take a walk down memory lane. Come with me? 

1. The Trio Necklace (still available!) was one of my very first pieces. I wrapped a white curtain behind me, balanced an old camera on self timer, and uploaded this to our Etsy site. It wasn't professional, but I knew good photography mattered so I did the very best I could without panicking over perfection. 

2. I took a screenshot of my first ever sale. My dear friend and forever champion, Sarah, purchased a tiny heart necklace (similar to our current The Delight) and it made my heart sing. Friends, you matter!

3. The was one of the first photos I ever shared on Instagram. Shops around me were posting bag-fulls of their orders and here I was, trying to make these 7 looks as robust as possible. Now, we're posting bag-fulls ourselves (all glory to God!) and I'm still so grateful for these seven right here. 

4. I was as grateful for you all then as I am now (though I don't call you "fab" anymore E). Thank you for doing this with me! 

PS: I created this on a free site called Pic Monkey. Don't let graphic design scare you, there are lots of free resources. I'd choose Canva now! 

5. Scenes from my earliest desk. I spy The Royalty Necklace and No.139 Bracelets (though they were called something difference back then, before I added scripture). They've been around this whole time and are still great sellers. 

6. My first work space, in our bedroom. This shop opened, in part, as a fundraiser to bring our first son home via adoption. There he is, not even a year old. He's five now!